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  1. As per title I'm after a 5 speed output shaft spring. Regards Josh
  2. As per title, I'm searching for a 1.8 manta sump and oil pickup also searching for the spring that fits over the output shaft of a 5 speed getrag. Thanks in advance.
  3. After a set of decent Manta/Cavalier adjustable shocks. Spax, gaz etc.
  4. So after too long I've finally returned to ownership of a mk1 Cav and with that I'm after some parts to get it how I want it. I'm looking for a 2.0s engine complete and running ideally. But I'm not bothered about going a different route with the car so any engine and gearbox combos I'll consider for the right price as long as they are complete and running. Some performance suspension. Be it fully adjustable or lowering spring etc. Also a nice set of wheels in 13 or 14" not sure what wheels I'm after but something period correct. Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm looking for an early manta B hatch or mk1 cavalier sports hatch. Needs to be solid and ideally on the road. Not bothered about engine size etc as long as its a good solid shell and ideally road going but anything considered. Don't mind if it's 100% stock or if its been modified I'm based in South Wales so ideally the closer the better. Budget of about 5 grand so not entirely sure what that will get in the current market but thought this be the best starting point. Thanks Josh
  6. Don't suppose anyone on here's has any spare C20XE valve collets? Or if not does anyone have a link to some for sale or a part number? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi there buddy,, how are you doing? Do you perhaps stock manta parts


  8. As title sais, im looking for a disc braked front axle for a hc viva, can collect or provide courier, cheers
  9. After rwd conversion parts for redtop engine. Gearbox, prop, mounts, clutch and exhaust etc. Please text me on 07767616682 if you have any parts that may help. Thanks
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