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  1. Thats right. Top or bottom connections. That link seems to be a bad link. Something else that has gone wrong today lol
  2. Thats the 1st thing i did yes. When I bridge it, the fuel pump runs constantly. Im not sure which way so Ive bridged the top & bottom 1 at a time but still no joy I cant remember if the fuel pump just primes or runs constantly?
  3. Hi peeps. Not been on here for a while as been using company van for ages. Ive quit that job now & for some strange reason my beloved does not want to run. It starts, runs for a few seconds then dies. Fuel pump runs when bridged to fuse 8 & 6 but still doesnt start. No volts from fuse 7 at all. I cant understand as I parked it there a couple of months ago no probs. Ive taxed & insured my motor ready for my 1st day at my new job & it let me down & I was late. Not a good look lol. Please help? I have 2 fuel pump relays & still no luck
  4. Cash waiting. Any condition. Newer the better. Can only seem to find coupe tanks
  5. How much do you want for it?
  6. Surely the relay is on the drivers inner wing near the suspension strut? 6 or 7 pin
  7. Mrbus

    Fuel Pump Relay

    Before you do that, have you tried bridging fuse number 7? I did that mistake & sent the relay I just bought back to a shop in cornwall. GM6 spares or something like that. Try him if all fails. I found him on flea bay & should come up if you google it maybe?
  8. If they the same as the v6 vectra calipers they should fit I think. I bought a set of carlton 2.2 discs but later found they too small 256mm Then got told to buy the Audi discs which are 280mm to fit my vectra v6 calipers. I bought the Audi discs off a guy who did the opposite to me He said his Audi discs were too big for his vectra standard calipers Not fitted these yet but have both sets of discs to bung on if 1 is wrong 1 person says this, another says that
  9. I bought a recon box with new bearings & everything for £300
  10. Mrbus


    Send me your email mate
  11. Mrbus


    I got a blaupunkt. Was working about a year ago. £5 plus p+p
  12. At least that is english. Down this way they all wear there trousers down to the ankles & apparently sexy is now known as "peng"??? What the eck is peng?
  13. Im just about to list selling my brand new carlton 2.2 discs if they of any interest to you
  14. Ive got 5x exclusives with all matching goodyear tyres all 6mm+ Wheels are not far off mint condition from the SG5 area
  15. £400 is about right if you get all the extras like johnboy has. Dont forget with the £400 you get original stuff & £260 you get motaquip or lucas parts. Did this once to a car & the tensioner snapped off a few day later. Customer didnt have a leg to stand on as the motor factor said it was a faulty part or something. Can not quite remember but if you pay the extra thats least likely to happen, It is very rare that does happen though...... In my experience anyway!
  16. Funny you should say that as mine has just had that operation at the A&E garage?
  17. Saw this & fought it was excellent! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1-18-MANTA-GTE-BARN-FIND-WRECK-DIORAMA-RARE-MODIFIED-/150566886537?pt=UK_ToysGames_DiecastVehicles_DiecastVehicles_JN&hash=item230e7c5c89
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