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  1. Back to the manta hope to finish by August been so busy with work not done much since last posting, so hope to get back on track from next week I’ll keep posting pics as it progresses 👍
  2. Well I certainly wouldn’t buy from them I got one of Martins kits when I fitted it it was a perfect fit minimall fettling
  3. Mmmm bit of a tricky one good luck
  4. Think I got one here I’ll look later on unless I’m to far for collection I’m nr Neath thanks peter
  5. Got a bit more done tonight rear brakes done connected rear flexis new alu rad arrived today and fitted but still waiting on the hoses also waiting on h/brake cable will be converting original h/brake to cable and fluid hope to front calipers done tomorrow need to make brackets to hold flexis to chassis post more pics tomorrow
  6. Ok thanks for that just bought a Astra one also got a manta one in my lock up if I go that roure peter 👍
  7. What handbrake cable do I need for my manta b I’m using Astra mk4 calipers? do I use the Astra cable ? Anyone got pics showing any mods that need doing? Thanks guys peter
  8. Made a start on the brakes tonight but my front calipers are seized was going to buy service kits but it’s just as easy to buy 2 new ones only £59 free delivery can’t go wrong so they’ve now been ordered hope to complete brakes on the weekend once this is done it will be time to start the bodywork sending prop to bar prop to be done not had a cost for this told them to sort it , as it has to be done also new uv joints being fitted hope to finish everything by May bank holiday so it will be on show in Singleton park classic car show😀
  9. OH YESSSSSS more money for the car lol
  10. Thanks Ian was paying private for the operation but nhs got in touch today and I can get it free if I wait till jan 7th 2019 so it’s a no brainier I’m saving £2500 so it’s back to work for a couple weeks more braking system next just waiting on the braided hoses then I’ll be under way thanks peter
  11. Not got anything done this week as I’m in hospital for my pre op tests tomorrow and op next Monday so I’ll be out of action for a few weeks ☹️ So I guess I’ll be ordering lots of bits n bobs to finish the 400r, although I don’t need a great deal so all you people have a great Xmas and new year BACK SOON PETER
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