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  1. Ordered from Amazon with just 5 pounds shipping!
  2. Andy thanks! Just ordered it! Regards Con.
  3. Didn't find from these shops...........thanks anyway for your help
  4. Well,there's no chain tensioner in this package but i'll keep it for the future Anyone else guys?
  5. I would but they don't have any parts in here.....
  6. Hi guys, my Manta B 2.0S CIH looks like it needs a new timing chain tensioner. Anyone has any clue where to find one? Regards, Con. P.S. I only found one on e-bay and they want 30 pounds(!) to send to Cyprus.
  7. An update... unfortunately,there's not an oil splashing guard attached below the rocker cover & the reason that oil is going out is because there's nothing to restrict this I've modified the horizontal breather tube to a 90 degree towards up & this looks that everything is solved now! Regards, Con.
  8. My engine number has a star(*) between the 2.0S and the engine number.(2.0S*engine #) Is that what the star supposed to be? P.S.It's a Manta B engine.
  9. Ok!I'll have a try with this easy mod first then! Cheers!
  10. Thanks for your reply! Is there a possibility for reducing the oil loss,if i extent the evaporator tube-going up 90 degrees from its horizontal position?
  11. Just checked the spark plugs & there's no oil on them! I was thinking....the oil loss is because the tube is very close to the timing chain?(fwd right side)
  12. Note that valves 'o' rings are replaced with new ones & also new piston rings installed.
  13. Hi guys, just replaced on my Manta B 2.0S the cylinder head with one of 2.2 which is perfect! The problem is that when i 'push it a bid hard',there's alot of oil coming out of the evaporator.(which is just above the exhaust manifold & this creates fumes etc). How can i eliminate this? Cheers, Con.
  14. Hi guys! Just wondering if i need to continue with leaded fuel as before when the engine was purely 2.0S. Regards, Con.
  15. Well,thanks but you are a bit late you see... Cheers, Con.
  16. I've already checked several sites with no hope....but i'll have a look over here too! Thanks again Mike!
  17. No,it's not about comparing the 2 brands. It's just about the colouring of the bushes.
  18. Is there a difference in stiffness(soft,hard,etc) between the colour coding of these two brands? Also,is it possible to find the original bushes for my Cavalier mk1? Regards, Con.
  19. Hi guys! i'm in need of the top 'rubber' of my front bilstein (opel sport) shock absorbers. It's the one that is hollow and the top stut of the shock passes through this rubber.This can be seen by just opening the bonnet. The part number of the absorber is F4-B46-0081-H000. Can somebody help on this? Regards, Con. p.s. the car is an Opel Manta B.
  20. Wow!!! Hope that it'll get warmer then! Regards, Con.
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