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  1. Evening gentleman i have a "normal" manta B axle and also a GT manta B axle. does the GT have a better ratio Diff, and does it have any other benefits? many thanks
  2. i didnt mount it the way you had said in the end, as i thought of an easier way, i will post some pics on RR if i already havent thanks for your dims though!
  3. umm yeh it is, thanks but its different to mine lol. im missing the middle bar that pushes the two shoes out. and they have different holes in to those shoes lol.
  4. thanks SImon, i was hoping you would reply. yeh my bad on saying i was going to use a type 9 box. things changed lol. so i need a manta B prop shaft. ill get onto it.
  5. I have got all new parts for the rear brakes on my manta B axle, can someone post up a pic as to where the springs go, as i can only work out the bottom one. lol. many thanks again.
  6. Hey guys, a bit of back ground knowledge, building an XE chevette, with manta gearbox and manta B rear axle (yes its 2 inches wider blah) and i was given a prop shaft and was told thats what i need. does the manta A and manta B have different prop shafts. this is what i have: Axle with clamps. all good this prop shaft which i have been told is manta, in which both ends are to small for the fittings. the clamp end, the inner circles are way to small, and the spline end the prop shaft spline wont go on the box. and then the chevette prop shaft, which goes over the spline end of the box, but is a different fitting to the axle end. has anyone got any pics of a manta B prop shaft. and also, is there a bearing to go on the end with the clamps? many thanks.
  7. finally sourced a set of these. good timessss
  8. cheers for the info mate, but im after the alloy mounts of the engine. and i dont have a 1.8 unfortunally. i have also heard that you can run BMW e36 engine rubbers and they fit? thanks alot for the info
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