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  1. davo

    Hens Teeth

    To be honest someone else told me about your post so I looked it up lol Pm sent
  2. davo

    Hens Teeth

    I have may have a hens tooth ! not sure if it's a mattig or mantzel
  3. davo

    Oh so retro show

    Good to meet you today Dave,& your mate whose name I can't remember for the life of me !! Keep an eye out for future events 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Fantastic day at oh so retro show today. Dean,Wendy,Karl & Dom for all making the effort. Met other manta owners too,so hopefully will be members soon ! Also first drive out in my latest purchase & all appears well.
  5. Not the best example here's a picture of the label. I think it says 044
  6. Hmmmm this all sounds rather familiar sounds like the same kind of excuse you gave me last year when you were supposed to be paying me !! You must be so unlucky with PayPal,as I have never been suspended from PayPal just saying !
  7. That's great Stuart. I'll put you down for it. Be good to see you & the car again
  8. Good monthly meet today Not too many mantas,but always good to see other motors. Regulars Karl & Bendy Wendy & Kev Pearson were there in their mantas. Also the elusive Stephen Baker made it,even if it was in his mates viva & not his own. Good to also see Dan Nicholson in his mk 1 cavalier
  9. All are welcome Please come along,kick some tyres & get involved with what we are going to attend this year !! 15.30 Sunday April 2nd Diner at Detling on A249
  10. I have a booking for warlingham. We've got 6 spaces so please let me know who wants to be there. Forms have arrived for bucket & spade so I need to know numbers by the end of march please. Also let me know if your interested in any of the above events too. Cheers
  11. I may have headlights. I will check in the week.
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