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  1. Has anyone converted there old am radio to play fm? I can see some companies charging £350 for this conversion plus postage and then noticed the following on ebay where you tune the fm stations through an aux conversion. UPGRADED CLASSIC CAR RADIO ALTES VINTAGE INTERFACE MP3 IPHONE IPOD RADIOMOBILE
  2. Wish my manta had a famous owner going by this. Whats going on with the manta values these days? everything seems rather quiet in the manta world with very few for sale aswell. Have a gte exclusive with 34000 miles but to be honest i wouldn't sell for less than the asking price for this either, maybe in another 10 years.
  3. 2 door ascona sitting parked up in Eindhoven along with a lot of off classic bmw's etc. Only managed to get 1 picture of the ascona. Can e-mail it to someone if they wish to put it up on here. Looked to have been a gumball rally type event. A nice surprise on a sunday morning.
  4. im guessing the coupe silencer is longer than that of the hatch?
  5. So what would you consider to be a more accurate price? Are prices rising at all? I've an exclusive coupe with similar miles but have no idea of the value, would be nice to have an idea. My other car is a 1989 rs turbo escort, these are still easy to get hold of with maybe 25 on ebay at any one time but still seem to equal if not beat the value of the much more rare manta.
  6. Wanted exhaust silencer to suit a 1988 gte exclusive coupe. Must be in good condition or can anyone suggest a good after market replacement with original looks?
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    Awhile since i asked, anyone?
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    I'm in need of the following if anyone can help or point me in the right direction. Ariel rubber grommet, 2 pieces. (the bits that sits ontop of the wing) Bonnet stay rubber (the piece the bonnet stay clips into when down) The 2 rubbers attached to the bonnet at the front. All needed in good condition. I assume it's impossible to get the cardboard piece which sits infront/top of the radiator now? Stupidly i threw it out when i first purchased the car!
  9. So what are the current prices of mantas. Thought they had been dropping then comes along a hatch for £6750 on ebay. Have a F reg coupe with 34000miles in similar condition which i may sell (try) at some stage this year.
  10. the rear drum gets very hot. im guessing the brakes need adjusted? Although the car just went through and passed an mot. whats the easiest way to adjust these? and any guidelines on how to set them?
  11. £50 to £60 for each tyre roughly. Can get uniroyal rainsport for £50, was just wondering if there was anything else about. My other options http://www.tyretraders.com/tyresearchresults.aspx?width=195&ratio=60&rim=14&man=All&flat=False&filter=Price&ftype=Ascending&pricing=1&cat=All
  12. Can anyone suggest a good tyre in around the same price? (£50) Or would you just stick with uniroyal and go for the rainsport? Can you put a lower profile on also? I know nothing about tyres as im sure u've guessed.
  13. Wheels now sprayed, just need the tyes. Were the orginal tyes on these uniroyal rally 195 60 hr14? Are these still available?
  14. im after the rubber mould thingy which covers the heater? the part along the back of the engine bay in the middle. must be in perfect condition. Also would anyone have the orginal cardboard cover which sits just infront of the radatior? and finally, the rubber grommets from the car ariel, which sit ontop of the wing. thx
  15. Can anyone else shed any light on the matter? Looks similar misterconyers, did you spray them yourself? Been quoted about £55 for a wheel, this sound about right? Just after finding the following, would this be the same colour as used on the wheels? My cars 1988 but there no other code for anthracite so...... VAUXHALL ANTHRACITE 81L 1980 1987 METALLIC
  16. Can anyone tell me if the outer rim on the gte exclusive alloys is meant to be polished or just painted? i know the centre of them is finished in anthracite, has anyone got an exact paint code for this? also an exact paint code for the standard silver? thx.
  17. Deleted@hotmail.com THX
  18. Can't say i remember the police cars. Maybe something to do with my age or else i was inside them looking out. kidding. Let the hunt continue.
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