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  1. Great , I`ll ring you later today.
  2. Sounds like the right one Steve!
  3. Will need it posting if possible, is the Cavalier one 22mm?
  4. Hi , long time no speak, but since I`ve been talked into keeping my 400R has anyone got a std 22mm front anti roll bar for sale? Cheers!
  5. Change the front springs, paint the front snow plough and map the engine! Got talked out of selling it tonight though.
  6. ...as above please, I`m in essex but can arrange courior!
  7. Looks like you may have to! Here you go, this is using the extended turrets,
  8. Cheers Brian..at least you get it. I think you are missing the point my friend, the fact that the road cars and some of the tarmac spec cars did not use the extended turrets is totally irrelevant, the raises in the bonnet were homologated specificaly for the turret clearence. I`ve been rallying the 400 for more years than I care to remember and have had the pleasure to deal with a lot of the guys who were originaly involved with the cars homologation and subsequent development, hence the spec of my current rally car. Sorry.
  9. Thats an artists drawing to show some of the differences between the road and rally homologation. You need to check the FISA homologation papers. Nice try though!
  10. I have to disagree! The two raises ar to allow clearance for the long travel suspension turrets!
  11. Need a good steering column stalk thingy, mines had it on the rallycar.
  12. As a matter of interest, the works cars only rose jointed the top arms, however bottom arms were modified. There is a note of caution for those who use their cars for normal road use as well. 1. Rose joints/ bearings will wear very quickly if not cleaned and maintained constantly. 2. You will bend the upper wishbone bolt very easily as there is no give whatsoever in rose joints. 3. Every fault in the rest of your suspension will become very obvious! Having said all that if it`s track use get stuck in I have got jigs for upper and lower arms but as Retro Power says they are easy enough to make if you have a welder.
  13. The downside is the steering becomes incredibly heavy, had the fuse blow mid bend once and it felt like the steering had locked! Anyway, no use at all on tarmac.
  14. Using a lot of castor here, note the large amount of front suspension travel, but the nearside wheel remains in contact with the surface with a usable amount of neg camber.
  15. 9 deg is really a rough gravel setting when I`ve got the ride height jacked right up. I`ve got the long travel front suspension so there is all sorts of camber issues! 7.5 deg or there abouts is my normal setting.
  16. I`m using between 7.5 deg to 9 deg castor, but my wishbones are rosejointed inner and outer so I can move them through different plains to the standard type. I always start with zero toe at first until I find what the car is doing, depending on anti-roll bar settings, toe out does work well.
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