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  1. My mants failed mot on side lights not working, i mist be being stupid but I can see how the side light bulbs come out, hoping it's just a set of bulbs required,
  2. I can view and collect if anyone is interested, and possibly store
  3. I've finished the car back to a good usable standard, struggled a lot getting the paint to match had to paint whole side, including front bumper, I'm getting married in two days and I needed it for that, had the decals dun locally there not quite the same but good enough for the un trained eye, will aim to get the other side painted with the rest of the car next winter made it to my local car meet on Sunday, so I'm chuffed
  4. Hope fully back on road very Soon it's meant to be my wedding car on the 18 th March
  5. So they have been back to me, they are unable to get the parts so, they are giving me £2200, I have had a quote to repair the wing and door and paint the bumper bonnet and whole side. Im happy with that because otherwise they wanted to cat d it. Thanks for the offer I will send you a pm thsnks chrisChris Pm sent
  6. I had it on the ramp yesterday, all seems ok underneath, had a 4150 valuation from the insurance, and they reckoned they could repair for £1140. I then told him to try and source a new wing, he said he would have to call back as they don't think they can find one
  7. It's a one owner car before me, full Vauxhall service history 78k, garaged since new, super rare tan interior, as in a haven't seen another with it, needs a wing bumber brackets are snapped door is bent and the wheel is cracked front indicator lense wing repeater lense
  8. Someone pulled out on me on Monday managed swerve and hit the wing and door, The door can be repaired but a new wing is needed, he has admitted liability
  9. First off it's not in a manta, My manta is completely standard, I have a Xe in my Astra mk1 van, (sorry not a manta), I've had it years and it was sign written years ago. I took it off the road to fit a Xe and a fresh coat of paint. fitted the engine and bare metalled the shell, and coated in primer. I'm in need of some Xe help, it starts when it wants, but most of the time not. Sparks well but floods almost straight away and I have just drained the oil and its full of petrol. Any help in Bristol would be great. I'm a welder by trade and can do almost everything except electrics.
  10. Will be going, not sure in what yet, maybe the manta or My Astra mk1 van Or my mk2 transit camper with a trailer on the back with either the manta or my Astra mk1
  11. Was Very busy today, drove around 5 times before finding a tiny space, saw lots of mantas tho
  12. May be I'm being blind can't find the topic, As my Astra mk1 won't be finished I was hopeing to join you in my manta
  13. BUNGAL

    C20Xe Wiring

    Both loom's are reconnected by a small plug or two. One which is a power to the ecu from the starter loom, there is few extra wires oil pressure light, I'm sure there is a few more but can't think at the mo,
  14. Hope to pop up on Saturday, but flat out with jobs at the mo, so might run over to saturdsy. Hope to pop up in the afternoon, And yes am in the run on Sunday,
  15. Great let me know, if I can join you all, membership is paid up, manta failed mot but only on two tyres and a number plate
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