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  1. Hi I'm looking for a rear axle for an Opel Manta A 1.9S, I'm told these are now very rare, has anyone any contacts where I could try to find one, much apprreciated thanks
  2. Aha, thanks for that, I have an offer of a later one that might be just the ticket hopefully this will solve the problem! regards Phil
  3. ok, I can ask the garage to take measurements, if a later one is suitable, how much do these cost? thanks Phil
  4. Hi the Manta just failed the MOT on a leaking brake valve - I thought that Dr Manta would be the answer but he is selling brake valves with 2 outlets and the garage tells me that mine has 4. It's attached to a bracket on the front chassis leg - if anyone has one of these I would be very grateful thanks Phil
  5. Hi I have a 1979 (year) Opel Manta Silver II with the 1979cc engine I have taken it into the garage to have the clutch replaced but they tell me that they cannot get a clutch for it as it is a small clutch The car has the 4-speed gearbox and is fitted with an 8 inch clutch (apparently) preferably I would like to get clutch plate, clutch compression plate and clutch release bearing does anyone know where would be a good place to locate this part? Thanks for your help Phil
  6. I have a 1979 Opel Manta Silver II This has the 1979cc engine I have taken the car into a garage to have the clutch replaced the garage have phoned me as they have found that there were 3 variants of the 1979cc engine each with a unique part number for the clutch! Apparently each engine has a unique code, but the garage have been unable to find this code on the block of the engine does anyone know which code is relevant to the Silver II? I can then ring them back and get the clutch swapped! thanks for your help with this Phil
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