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  1. lonpm2

    Axle bolts

    Hi, does anyone know where I can buy the bolts with a semicircle head that impinge against the axle tube and hold the shaft in? They seem to be rather specialist and I'm not aware of specialist bolt suppliers... Thanks
  2. Hi I'm looking for a rear axle for an Opel Manta A 1.9S, I'm told these are now very rare, has anyone any contacts where I could try to find one, much apprreciated thanks
  3. Aha, thanks for that, I have an offer of a later one that might be just the ticket hopefully this will solve the problem! regards Phil
  4. ok, I can ask the garage to take measurements, if a later one is suitable, how much do these cost? thanks Phil
  5. Hi the Manta just failed the MOT on a leaking brake valve - I thought that Dr Manta would be the answer but he is selling brake valves with 2 outlets and the garage tells me that mine has 4. It's attached to a bracket on the front chassis leg - if anyone has one of these I would be very grateful thanks Phil
  6. Hi I have a 1979 (year) Opel Manta Silver II with the 1979cc engine I have taken it into the garage to have the clutch replaced but they tell me that they cannot get a clutch for it as it is a small clutch The car has the 4-speed gearbox and is fitted with an 8 inch clutch (apparently) preferably I would like to get clutch plate, clutch compression plate and clutch release bearing does anyone know where would be a good place to locate this part? Thanks for your help Phil
  7. I have a 1979 Opel Manta Silver II This has the 1979cc engine I have taken the car into a garage to have the clutch replaced the garage have phoned me as they have found that there were 3 variants of the 1979cc engine each with a unique part number for the clutch! Apparently each engine has a unique code, but the garage have been unable to find this code on the block of the engine does anyone know which code is relevant to the Silver II? I can then ring them back and get the clutch swapped! thanks for your help with this Phil
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