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  1. That is one beautiful car Dave, and great colour. Look forward to seeing it at Billing (my son "big Dan" says he's looking forward to giving it a test drive... )
  2. Beautiful car Rob, looks & sounds to be in really good shape overall. Very few of these early chrome bumpered cars around now - I've got an early Manta B 1900 and it always attracts interest as most people don't know what is is, or they only remember the Manta C. Hope you're gonna keep the standard look.
  3. Great, thanks Rob, appreciate it. And thanks Stradacab for the info re the stops - I'd assumed they were identical, so this probably saves some confusion/frustration later (had enough of that already adjusting the door windows but finally got it right )
  4. Hi all, I'm after the following for Manta B coupe... * Set of door hinge pins (genuine GM items) 8mm x 60mm * Rear channel for passenger side door glass (good condition with good rubber/felt insert) * Window stop (little bracket with rubber at bottom, stops window winding up at max height) - need 1 but will take a couple if available Cheers,,, Rich
  5. Hi All, I still need to find some rear seat belts before I put the interior back together in my 76 B. Will bite your hand off if anyone has a spare pair - it will give a massive reduction in background noise by allowing my 7 yr old to go in the back rather than the missus having to squeeze in there Cheers... Rich
  6. Hi Joe, Those front wing liners look like a great idea - how do they fit on, and how easy is it to do? Do they clip in place somehow, or do you need to drill/bolt? Just fitted new wings to my car, and these could be worthwhile to keep em that way. Cheers,,, Rich
  7. Hi, sorry to hassle... any joy with the attic Opel2000? Or anyone else who may have a spare set of black GM rear belts for coupe? Cash burning a hole in my pocket so i can get this sorted without having to resort to the drill Cheers,,, Rich
  8. Hi Opel2000, No worries. thanks for sticking with it. For what its worth I know the coupe reels should be narrow at the top, and if there's 2 bolts on the reel (that go into the bodywork) then the thicker bolt should be at the top and the thinner one at the bottom. Cheers... Rich
  9. Hi OpelNZ, the ones i'm thinking of fit vertically inside the body cavity, just below c-pillar and feed up through a little slot at the edge of the parcel shelf. Not sure if they'd work if fitted on parcel shelf as they'd be horizontal. The aftermarket ones i bought (but which don't fit correctly in the cavity) have little adjusters on the sides so they can work in any position - but I dont think these adjusters are on the normal GM items. If youre looking for sometihng to bolt onto the parcel shelf these aftermarket (Securon) units might do the trick. I was intending to return them, but let me know if you're interested - although if i dont manage to get any GM items i may have to keep the aftermarkets and find a way to drill some new holes into the body frame (preferably without puncturing the fuel tank with the drill ). Hopefully Opel2000 has the solution so i can avoid potential mayhem ... Cheers,,, Rich
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