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  1. Hi All does anyone know if the code for the VBOA meet at Billing is out yet ? Can't seem to spot it anywhere.
  2. Wow it was a lovely car that. Wish I still had my orange one W reg .
  3. Hi All The Yorkshire Area pub meet will change venue from the Royal Oak in copmanthorpe. To the Buckles Inn on the A 64. The pub we met at for the AGM. We will meet here from April 26th at noon.The dates for this year are :- April 26th Summer Break September 27th October 25th November 29th Hope to see you at our new location.
  4. they are for the MANTA 400 I have put them onto Smith and Deakin, so hope they are sorted now
  5. Hi all i know someone who needs a pair of side skirts for the 400 body kit. Anyone on here got any for sale ? or know of any contact that still make them ? Thanks in advance guys and galls
  6. Anyone got a pair of engelmann mirrors for sale ? A local lad has just had his exclusive sprayed and is looking for a pair of these ?
  7. just looked at mine. i have one with and one without the recess , But it is like yours nothing inside it or stuck to it ! Never noticed before to be honest. Strange one .
  8. Thanks for the info . There are times when i hate living so far away from intelligent life ! last week the rally retro next week his event !
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