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  1. Wow ! not been on for a while but i,m looking for another lol, All that grafts paid off though looks awsome
  2. Back again need a manta bmw,s dont cut it !!!

    1. stradacab


      You're not wrong there!

  3. Nice pics carl, So chuffed the cars ok for you and its getting the attension it deserves, Thanks for uploading some decent pics, All the best Marc
  4. I removed the back box from my 2.0 and chopped the pipe each side of the box and added a piece of sraight through pipe welded the hanger to the pipe and refitted sounds like my old manta that was fitted with a peco but a lot cheaper
  5. Long shot but has anyone in yorkshire got a 2.0 injection hatch fuel tank for sale that still holds fuel
  6. I know its a long shot but any ideas of a replacement fuel tank for a injection hatch, Just checked car over for mot and noticed a blister in paint and fuel weeping out, Is there anything i could modify to do the job, Thought about fitting a coupe tank in the boot but not sure if the mot man would like it
  7. Wow mick it looks awsome, Bet your well chuffed with it now,
  8. What about the dark mettalic grey, Not sure what its called, But not seen many mantas in that shade
  9. Nice work Mick, Looking good in the etch primer, Slow,,,,, I think you,ve knocked on with this one, Enjoying following this build
  10. Thanks monzta really have started something here havnt i, I first liked the idea of the straight six because from driving the senator the power is instant and alot smoother than the 2.0 i have fitted and this is an afordable option for me as the car is there. Could always make the wife sit in the boot , like the porche comment by the way what about the wiring issue on the auto ecu any ideas thanks,,, marc Not much info i need to find out now. Thanks for that and some nice under bonnet pics there too.What do you need to do wiring wise has one of the earlier coments said the automatic ecu s a pain to fit a manual. Not got any pics of car yet but will post some as soon as i do thanks for the help,,, marc
  11. Yes ian i can see your point thats why i posted the topic so i could se what the guys on here had to say. Must be honest i hadnt really thought much about a frontera motor but looks like it would be a damn sight easier conversion on a budget. Like most of the guys on here have said the straight six seems to be a step backwords so back to the drawing board on this, Time to look at the frontera motor then and whats involved, Thanks to everyone for the input on this,,,, marc
  12. Thanks guys really torn now on this conversion, If i do go for it what else will i need from the senator. what about wiring ecu etc has the engines still running in the car so i can get everything in one go would be fitting to an already injected 2.0 litre Thanks marc
  13. Thanks for that thought it might be a touch heavy, maybe a 2.0 omiga and use the engine and box then Yes its probably going to be omiga 2.0 engine and box swap then sounds like the 3.0 litre will mess with the handling thanks
  14. Hi could anyone tell me if the 3.0 straight six senator engine fits the manta has ive been offerd a good low milage auto engine, If so wonderd witch box you would use, thanks
  15. Thanks again mantadoc will take another look this afternoon and keep you posted
  16. Thanks for the help guys, Once ive put fuel in the plenium it starts straight up and will run all day, Are new temp senders still available thanks
  17. Just wondering if i could connect the cold start injector via a fuse to a push button switch inside the car has im having problems starting from cold has its not working off the starter checked eveything possible. When i removed the cold start injector it didnt work until i put direct power to it, Tried to start car this morning and just dosent fire but when i remove cold start injector and put some fuel through the injector hole car fires first time and runs ok any help much appreciated has its doing my head in thanks marc
  18. Welcome back mate, nice pics, another top gte hatch
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