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  1. Recaro seat frame runners and brackets wanted. Only need the drivers at the min but would take a pair.
  2. How much you after mark? I have brought a calibra item that fits the b series barrel I have but didn't want to change the ignition key
  3. Only just seen the reply Rutts it's a good price but think I'm sorted. Ended up going with some jag hubs :-)
  4. hi I'm after the rotary switch and wiring off the back of an ignition barrel. would consider a b series model but ideally I'm after an a series. need a new one as mine was damaged after an attempted theft. cheers lee
  5. do you have the wiring off the back of an ignition barrel at all? cheers
  6. Definately mate really want to see Paul's build aswell that looks awesome
  7. well done gents! will be ready in no time keep up the good work.
  8. Rear hubs needed for scimitar 4ha axle Pcd un important as I would re drill Cheers lee
  9. Walsall86


    Top man cheers for that it may be a good option I'm in Scotland a week tomorrow thanks again pal
  10. Walsall86


    Wanted scimitar se5 axle cheap as poss please? Would be happy with just hubs or a half shaft.
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