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  1. I see the forum has changed a bit, how do I erase messages in my messages ? I can't find any functions. I have just found it the little wheel that removes things !! How do I erase this thread I have started???
  2. Not an easy conversion, I have done most of the hard work and now sold the car on regrettably for a number of reasons. Exhaust manifold fouled the steering column so had to mod manifold and move column over , my engine is dry sumped which helps get the engine lower too. Cut gear selector housing off and moved it forward about 100mm and shortened selector rod and all welded back up again. (You can see near the prop flange where it was originally) Box is Honda S2000 6speed. A few more pics for you.
  3. Here is my Chevette with an S2K lump in it.
  4. I like the price and condition of this oil cooler with crushed metal pipe, that is more expensive than a new one. Can't include the pipes in my pricing as one is goosed. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE-13-Row-Oil-Cooler-Radiator-With-Pipes-Fittings-Good-Condition-/251770618869?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a9eb2c3f5
  5. I have been told about 140kg for the Redtop and at a guess 35 to 40 kg for the box maybe??
  6. I bought two of these last week, I think they were £30 + vat each http://www.steering-racks.co.uk/ujs/
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