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  1. Bit of an odd query this... I'm fitting a very tight fitting rollcage and wanted to check that in the event I may not have be able to quite get the rope method to work all the way round, has anyone fitted a manta B coupe screen from the outside using a plastic trim tool or or similar to flip the lip over the screen? I'd do a test but currently don't have a windscreen as the car was bought as bare shell and I'm intending on fitting a heated one when I get that far. Thanks for your thoughts, Jason
  2. Fingers (very) crossed I've managed to snag this one, subject to viewing it. - I've been on the lookout for a good manta shell for a while!
  3. Great project! Out of interest, if you had cut the bulkhead away and moved the engine further back do you think you would have been able to avoid lowering the steering rack? (obviously this would probably create other issues with the brakes and exhaust manifolds)
  4. Evening all, I'm having a bit of a change of mind as to the future use of my project. I'm now thinking I may want a cage which I can remove/refit in the future. Ideally I'm after the proper safety devices cage with rear harness bar (not a dash dodger one or one with a double bend in the front legs though...) - I'd be looking to swap it for my brand new T45 custom cages weld-in kit (like this but with proper X door bars: http://www.customcages.co.uk/Rollcage/LoadRollCage.castle?manufacturer=Opel&model=Ascona&type=Historic ) Any offers? Cheers, Jason
  5. Probably best to know what you're after from the car, is it power and handling, or purely noise? I only say this because it's easier and cheaper to drop in a Saab turbo engine and have up to 300bhp than to fit the straight 6.
  6. Does anyone know what SCR and boost pressure the courtenay conversions were running?
  7. I know, I know... rare as hens teeth. However, I've decided my project definitely needs one! Anyone able to help please? Jason
  8. Beautiful! Reminds me how much I need a chin spoiler for my project...
  9. Does anyone have an old column they no longer want? I'm after the length of DD section bar so that I can make a new rack to bulkhead steering shaft, as the quaife steering pinion is the wrong length. Can get it from the USA but thought I'd see if anyone has a scrap rack they are getting rid of. Cheers, Jason
  10. Jason b

    Roll Cage

    Solved.... for better or for worse I have phoned CC and lightened my wallet with a new one
  11. Jason b

    Roll Cage

    I'm looking for a roll cage for my Mk1 cavalier project please. Haven't seen the fit of the various options (OMP, SD, CC etc.), but was tempted by a safety devices one. The lead time is approx. 10 weeks for a new one though, so thought I'd see if there were any second hand ones about? Thanks Jason
  12. Basically the entire windscreen pillar panel on the interior side needs replacing, not sure how bad the inside of the pillar is yet though... there are a few holes in the scuttle but they are easily sorted. I'll try and take a pic if I can.
  13. Hi all, Been away a while sorting new job and moving house. However, I've just started back on the cav again! Despite the rest of the shell being in decent condition, upon removing the windscreen I was greeted with lots of rust. Normally I'm happy to do good rust repair. However, I'm wary that there are three panels and it doesn't look particularly straightforward to form new sections. Any one with any tips... or spare pillar sections(haha)? Cheers, Jason
  14. Out of interest, what internals does Chris Birkbeck modify? I thought it was pinion bearings that caused most of the problems?
  15. Wow, where to start! Definitely needs to be kept as a cav and returned to the road.
  16. I'm mid moving house at the moment, but if you have no luck in the next week or so then I'll find time to chop my knackered bonnet up for you.
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