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  1. oh yes what a car should go well 2.5 was not so good talked to a vauxhall tech guy ages ago and he told me the tricks they did to get power up on the xe turned head 180 degrees and stuff well trick
  2. want to be there should be ok new job tricky p.s. bogwart i still got your mag not forgot about it sorry
  3. sounds like a plan then count me in
  4. that would be great you may just have helped save the day cheers mate andy
  5. hey there just looked at your project same model same rust just had the paint done on mine like buses i guess lol looks like yours is gonna be spot on keep it up andy
  6. hi all was wondering if anyone has front and rear window rubbers to help me finnish restoration or used know of aftermarket items thanks in advance
  7. maybe there is a club for them we have mondeo est like that round our way ......wonder if they look alike maybe we are missing the new trend
  8. to the lads who helped with calpier problem it is the flexy silly thing so good one fellas
  9. once again ta.... just need car sorted for mot in standard form then cherry pick upgrades when it up n runnin resto all done so lincolnshire has more manta
  10. thanks chaps.... so far sliders freeded off and stay free so going to try the nipple thing tommorow and its just one near side ..... andy
  11. hi all new to this and need your expert advice. here's the thing when i get caliper free and re assemble it and start car to move it the thing re ceases any help would be brill seen as i can now see hole in wall from my head cheers guys ...... andy
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