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    classic cars opel manta viva gt etc also interested in classic rallying motoring books etc

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  1. Sent you my number so give me a call - can come and view as I'm local I think. Gary

  2. looks like you are doing a great job cant wait to see it finished .whats the suspension setup you have decided on ???
  3. :omay have gone to great scrapyard in the sky :( or someone is mothballing it
  4. :lol:i take it you wont be buying any gary :lol:
  5. :lol:most things made in china are sh*te and usualy last a week before they break false economy
  6. you can check if its still on thew road taxed etc on the dvla website:thumbup
  7. :oeven looking for one to restoer but not too far gone
  8. :lol:gary or import from china at half the cost
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