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  1. They seem to do a couple of different quality kits, this is the dearer one http://dr-manta-shop.de/epages/0859c4be-b99b-4b88-8216-6a78b07dc4b5.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/0859c4be-b99b-4b88-8216-6a78b07dc4b5/Products/015101113M
  2. I got my ones for my old SR from Dr Manta, I think he does the GT/E ones as well.
  3. Just around the corner from my old employers unit, they look like they've been there ages but I don't remember seeing them, been left about 4 years though.
  4. When they are out of stock they keep the listing live but just put the price up to something stupid. Once they've got stock they go back to the normal price.
  5. This is listed as 2.0 to 1988, not sure if it is right but it has the measurements on and a decent photo. https://scotts-classiccarspares.co.uk/opel-manta-b-16192078-88vauxhall-cavalier-mk178-81new-clutch-cable-1173-913-p.asp
  6. I don't know what age of Manta you are thinking of, for the usage you're talking about you could use any of them I'd say, but the B2 cars would be better at it. I think it would be a case of keeping on top of the metalwork condition, especially if you're going to use it in winter when the salt is about. I do sometimes use my Manta A for trips to the supermarket or into town, but I tend to keep it safe in the garage if there's salt about. About 12 years or so ago we had a GT/E hatch that was used pretty much as a spare car, we were living in the sticks and if anything happened to a daily one of use would use the Manta for commuting or whatever.
  7. Sunday only so not camping, on my tod with the A.
  8. Do you need the early indicator/washer stalk, or the later one that has the wipers on as well?
  9. For a few years in a row we had a club stand at the Stamford show, although I've not organised one forma few years. It's always been an enjoyable show so I thought I'd see if anyone was interested for this year. I think the show will be on Sunday 28 August, although the date doesn't seem to be on the website. I've messaged the organisers to see if we could book a stand.
  10. I used to do them when I was a rep, but like Danny I wanted to see the car so I could see the condition for myself. My last one was done by Paul Brennecker, but he had seen the car at Sywell.
  11. Well the fact that they are described as "exec" on the log book will add to that confusion.
  12. With regards to rear belts if you want brand new then Securon make aftermarket ones, looks like 264 if you want inertia reels http://www.securon.co.uk/applications/app_list/ntos/seat_belts_opel.htm If you do go for them don't buy direct from Securon, they'll almost certainly be cheaper from your local parts factor.
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