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  1. I agree about the extinguisher, got one in the boot of the A just in case.
  2. It'll be Monday evening (10th June) Chris, at The Gap Inn, Muston. Anyone else?
  3. I was just about to post the advertising spec for the GL as I thought it would be one of those. My guess is it was late registered hence being on a W with chrome bumpers. I've never seen one and only ever seen the advertising sheet, so it's interesting that Kaa actually has one, and another has turned up. The advert seems to suggest black bumpers though? It does seem to have the wrong centre caps on the Rostyles, as they are A series ones (unless for some reason they went back to those?).
  4. It's going to be that time again on Monday, anyone up for it?
  5. The East Mids area is still just about going, although no rep at the moment. We have pub meets just up the road from you at The Gap Inn in Muston, 2nd Monday of each month from about 7.30.
  6. If you can't find one how about getting a stainless one made up?
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