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  1. I got mine from Dr Manta in Germany.
  2. I'd say 402 is Sahara Gold as well.
  3. I'm sure that sold ages ago, certainly on his website as sold. Never dealt with him, but met him a few times, seems one of the better dealers. I know Chris Burt has traded with him.
  4. If I remember correctly it had a leak into the boot while the first owner had it which meant it strangely rotted part of the boot floor out. I messaged the guy I bought it from (2nd owner) and he said he bought the car with the rotten boot floor, he thinks the water had been coming in where the aerial was. He had the repair done. The B1 has always been the poor cousin when it comes to Mantas, lagging behind A series and GT/E and Exclusives, but the prices are on the up now. It will be interesting to see if UUW sells, and if so how much for. I'd like the car back, but couldn't afford it these days.
  5. One of the things that might make this car more desirable than some is that it's not really been messed with. I believe the original wheels and steering wheel are still with it.
  6. 1900SR

    Decals set

    Is it GT/J or Berlinetta you need, they are two different models.
  7. Certainly is Chris, probably one of the photos I took when I was selling it. Actually just looked, and I think it's one of the ones I took at a show before I bought it.
  8. The Glass' Check Book won't tell you if it's an SR, Berlinetta or L though. I've not looked at a chassis plate for a while though, do they show type designation? If so 59R will prove it's an SR, 59B a Berlinetta.
  9. Just entered a few early Manta registration numbers into confused and they all come back as Manta L. I wonder if this is because the type 59 designation in the chassis number is for the "Luxus" shell, which I think all UK Manta A and most if not all early Manta B's came with?
  10. Considering the the DVLA's own rules say if the car was registered before the 8th January they will count it as built the previous year then you shouldn't have had to prove a build date.
  11. If you want more information on your cars it may be worth contacting Opel on this email opel.post@de.opel.com , send them the Chassis number of your car and they may be able to supply more detail, including original engine number, colour, trim colour etc. The Glass' Check Book lists the models as L, SR and Berlinetta for the 77 model year, I suspect this info was supplied by Opel UK. I know the logbook for my old 1979 hatch had it listed as a Manta SRB SH. I'm guessing SH stood for Sports Hatch, which of course was a description Opel didn't use. My old 1977 Berlinetta was listed on the V5 as Manta 1900 Auto.
  12. At that age it would have originally been registered with the local authority rather than Swansea, and then the details would have been transferred to the DVLA computer at a later date. My Manta A which is also an SR is on the V5 just as Manta 1900. It is incredibly common, and I'm amazed that DVLA are even willing to change the description on the V5. The insurance database is quite often wrong, maybe because someone has described it as a different model sometime in the past.
  13. The original steels are 13x5 1/2 ET37, but I believe the factory ATS for the B were 13x6 ET30.
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