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  1. Maybe the market will eventually catch up with the owners pricing. How much would the car have fetched if it hadn't been extensively modified though?
  2. It should have the engine code on the block, for example a Manta 1.8 engine will have 18S. The first number is the capacity, and the letters are the compression and fuelling, so N is low compression, S is high, and if it has an E it is fuel injected. It could even be a 1.3 engine if it's from a European spec Manta, is the first part of the engine number maybe 13S rather than 136?
  3. I suspect that we are seeing people choosing to invest in classic cars again as interest rates are quite poor, and this is pushing values up, I'm not sure if it can be sustained and I think we may see the bubble bursting at some point just like it did in the late 1980s.
  4. I assume it was imported from somewhere then, 1976 build but first registered in the UK in 1982.
  5. That's from the MOT regs, but I assume it is in general law as well.
  6. Cassette storage unit in an A? That won't have been standard. The later cars such as the 1800 and GT/E had them though.
  7. It could be used to ring a car in theory, especially if the car that the logbook is for is still on the DVLA computer which this one is. A pre 1980 car doesn't need to exhibit a VIN, so not having the tag isn't a problem. Remove the chassis number from where it's stamped on the scuttle, and remove the tag. I'm sure you could even make a tag up if you wanted one there, and then you've just rung a car. I suspect a few had ID changes when the free tax got stopped at 1972 to make later cars tax exempt, nowadays it would be a way to hide a stolen car. Steal a Manta, removed the ID's and as you've got all that history bob's your uncle. Obviously if you came to sell it some people who really know the model should be suspicious, but there would be plenty who would still buy it. A guy on the Viva Facebook page recently put an HC up for sale. He'd bought it a while back, modified it with a Mazda engine and other bits and then put it up for sale. It was spotted that it was a later shell on an early reg by some of the real experts, looks like the car was probably rung to make it tax exempt in the past. I also know of someone a few years ago who bought a Manta A that turned out to be a ringer. The chassis number had been removed from the scuttle,but he cut the piece out it should have been stamped into and it could still be read from below. It looks like that car had probably been stolen at some point in the past as both ID's would have been tax exempt.
  8. Welcome to the site, hopefully you'll find a nice Manta A.
  9. Very poor ad for a 30k Euro car don't you think?
  10. Back in 1978 when the Cavvy Sports Hatch was launched there were 11 colours available, 8 solid colours and 3 extra cost metallic. Polar White, Jamaica Yellow, Orange Tan, Bright Green, Ember Red, Royal Red, Pastel Blue, Regatta Blue, Jade Green Met, Sapphire Blue met and Bright Copper met. In 2015 when I bought my Astra K, there were 12 colours available, but only 2 were no cost options. Royal Blue, Power Red, Brilliant Summit White, Sovereign Silver met, Granite Grey met, Flip Chip Silver met, Carbon Flash met, Deep Sky Blue met, Soft Bronze met, Dark Caramel met, Asteroid Grey pearl and Emerald Green pearl. No silver or grey in 1978 to 2 silvers, two greys and a near black in 2015. Obviously they are catering to the colours people want though, so maybe blame the car buying public for the fact they are all silver/grey these days (I chose Power Red as I was too tight to pay extra, but wouldn't have bought silver). I don't personally get the solid grey colour that is popular now, but I know some here like it.
  11. The B series switch is different. The A series should as said earlier turn off the dash illumination when turned, designed to be used when parking with lights on to reduce the draw on the battery. On the A the interior light is turned on by moving the light itself.
  12. Mines insured for 16k, which I thought was a realistic insurance figure.
  13. It was optional before the 86 model year. I think they nade it standard to try and combat the parallel imports that were popular in the eighties.
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