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  1. I believe 1978 was the first year that wheel was fitted.
  2. Possibly the best steering wheel ever factory fitted to a Manta, but not period correct for a 1977 car, so I guess it depends if Clive wants to go original or not. If he does then the steering wheel is governed by the spec of the car. This is the Berlinetta one, which I believe was also on the SR. I think the base models had one like the A series SR. Edit, it was similar in style to the A series one, but more basic.
  3. Here you go, it's solid to the best of my knowledge, but tatty. You can see it's a bit bent on the right hand side by the Manta badge.
  4. I've got a spare in my garage in Lincoln. I think it is slightly bent so may not be good enough, but can dig it out and take some pics if you're interested?
  5. At least that's an early one without the huge federal bumpers.
  6. Welcome to the club, I wondered where that one had gone. I'm not sure who your nearest area rep would be, but any area rep or committee member should be able to do you a valuation. Simon Peckham who's the membership sec and A series registrar would be ideal, although he's some distance from you in Suffolk.
  7. Dug it out and it's not an unleaded head, which has got me totally confused as I was sure it was. I can't think why I've kept it otherwise. Can anyone else help Dave out?
  8. I think I've got one on my garage, need to check it's a P2, but if it is you can have it.
  9. The club shop has been closed since January due to covid. If you have ordered since then the site does warn that your order may not be shipped until after the current crisis is over. I do agree that you should have received a reply to your emails though.
  10. It may be a quirk of different market specs, but I'd say with the chrome bumpers and fake wood trim on the doorcards that is an earlier car than 1980, it's a 78/early 79 car I'd say.
  11. I love the Chicago beige interior, my Platinum hatch had it, far better than the grey I reckon.
  12. I guess it can depend on your definition of a barn as well, this is the building my Voyage came out of. L shaped outbuilding at a farmhouse.
  13. I dropped lucky, a guy wanted the Cavalier and offered the swap on the Vectra. I sold the Vectra on for more than I was asking for the Cavalier. No idea what the Cav would be worth today mind, probably a lot more than the Vectra, even in the rough condition it was in.
  14. This was mine, very lowly spec. I swapped it for a Vectra 2.5SRi which I sold on almost straightaway.
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