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  1. Hi Herman, 

    Do you have any information on decoding vin number of 400's. 

    Thanks Allan 

    1. H-400


      Hi Allan, yes I'v got. The most info I find on this website: 


      Just one problem: It's in German, for me no problem but if you need help just ask, am happy to help you.

      Regards, Herman

    2. 400PEL


      Thanks Herman, 

      Tablet automatically translated for me. Hope you and your family are keeping safe and well during this pandemic 

      Regards Allan 

  2. Hi Andy , there was an article in a previous Manta magic that allowed you to identify build. Hopefully someone will post
  3. Hi Andy type opel vin decoder into Google and it will bring up information.
  4. The manta 400 rear spoiler has manta 400 stamped on it and the black rubber tip is thinner than exclusive,
  5. Such a helpful man. 

  6. Stainless system for left hand drive car, manifold turned 90 degrees.
  7. Beautiful car, sometimes your dreams can come true, looks really good for sitting outside,
  8. Genuine ascona 400 front and rear bumpers . Rare as rocking horse Shute.
  9. Hi You will need a RHD manifold. The reason for the pattern LHD manifolds being readily available is Manta s were more popular in Europe and have a larger spares availability. Your best hope is to find a good second hand RHD manifold in Britain. Your on the best site to find one.
  10. Hi Lhd manifold has flange running left to right. Rhd manifold has flange running front to back. Your best bet is to try and find Rhd manifold.
  11. TVS 575W unfortunately was broken for spares years after I sold her,although someone still has shell and logbook. ABG 552 is making a comeback after 28 years off the road. Different registration and owner now . One very special car . (There's always one you wish you hadn't sold!) Hurry up and finish her and get some pictures up Andy.
  12. Couple of pictures of my Old cars on 15"
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