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  1. Hi people am trying to find a decent set of door cards to go in my centur .. the ones in mine have had speaker holes cut into them and look rough. looking for biege with wood trim or similar. Cheers Dave.
  2. hi people i'm just wondering if any of my families manta's still exist they are D554GEU monaco blue gt/e exclusive hatch. ( my late fathers pride and joy) D74ERW monaco blue gt/e hatch my 1st manta and E779CJH a black gt/e i240 rep with genuine body kit (my 2nd and most favorite manta) br nice to hear what happend to them cheers Dave
  3. welcome back think i bought your i240 E779CJH and you bought my gt/e D74ERW!!
  4. the cav is now sitting in the workshop ( currently surounded by V8 powered landrovers) taking camera in friday so more pics over the weekend i hope!
  5. After months of not being able get to the cav ( workshop move then house move!!!) the cav is being moved into the new workshop finally now work can commence! new pics soon.
  6. hello and welcome glad to see another cav still out there!!
  7. Well have spent some time stripping the cav today to see the extent of corrosion!! not as bad as first expected. have finally come to a decision on the colour its going back to orange. post some newer pics when i get the chance.
  8. no more a light orange / sandy colour . def not bronze met. when i manage to work out how to post pics everyone will be able to see ! lol.
  9. the original colour was light orange. its coming through around the windscreen and most of the interior panels are that colour. but the whole car needs a repaint. my intention is to take it back factory fresh.
  10. would love to come down to the meet. seeing as only picked centaur up today hope you don't mind a discovery instead!
  11. and so it begins! picked up the cav today and trailered it over to my workshop. took loads of pics!! have got loads to do but can't wait to get stuck in. one decision i need to make is do i return it to its original colour or keep it green!!!
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