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  1. totally agree it should be keeped like this but i prefer the wider stand look but thats just me
  2. yeah in this colour id swop it all day long for any other colour with a manual
  3. its mine great condition just dont like the colour and i dont want to mess around with it would be a nice car fr someone
  4. wii get more up to date pics soon got her cleaned up better now wheel done with the black in the centres also cleaned up the interior every thing working fine now as it was parked in a shed for 8 years even the brakes never stuck weard
  5. thanks for doing that for me i can fix a manta but rubbish at moving pics lol
  6. hi ive got the pictures of this manta on total opel ireland in gallery ok lads i cant get them up here for some reason
  7. i have a photobucket how do i up load pics to here lads
  8. this one will stay origional guys
  9. it says jade green on logbook but i thought that colour was darker than mine maybe it is jade after all have to check the code but thanks for replyit came from luxembourg unregestered to ireland in 86 and then got its first reg plate james is that u that i used to go round with i was in westonsupermare
  10. hi john lennon here in ireland just got back to a manta again bought it two weeks ago its a 81 pine green 20s auto no rust wat so ever and never welded never seen one with such a clean chassis still got gm tape sterio sitting on origional rostyles irish car with the black bumpers this has to be a rare manta today on touched id say will get some pics up soon and its a non sun roof coupe if anyone knows are these a rare model let me know ok thanks john o forgot to add four spoke steering and dash with just temp and fuel like 1.6 like to find more about this one lads
  11. hi ive still got mine for sale red gte hatchits on here for sale fully restored like new needs nothing doing to it have a look ducky
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