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  1. I had a Frontera in that colour, Caribic Blue.
  2. Cheers 911 and Rutts, thanks for the comments, I just bought 2 litres of Castrol LS90 as it says its spec'd for ZF LSDs and I have the GM additive so all should be good, its getting a new diff gasket as well and engine oil(Mobil 2000 10w40 semi synth) and filter, and all new brake fluid, should really do the gearbox too but I think that will do for now.
  3. Is it OK ? Says on brief not suitable for road use.
  4. Cheers Rutts but I am struggling with this, I went to my local Factors and asked for LSD oil, he kind of looked at me blankly as he wasnt sure which one to offer 70/90 or something........do you have a name or spec ? I previously asked on FB about this, I was going to use Castrol Syntrax, but got guidance that it was too aggressive for old diffs, seals etc, due to the modern additives and someone said use additive 90004033, then someone added in that EP90 with the additive is what to use, so I went with that, then someone said EP90 is not suitable, so I am back to square one. I currently have EP90, 50ml of 90004033 a diff gasket and a fear that if I do this it will not be right. Is this the sort of thing I need :- Castrol Axle Z Limited Slip 90 (was Hypoy LS90)
  5. Hello all, I am about to change the oil in my ZF LSD, bought the EP90 and the required GM additive, however, there is no guidance on how much additive to add. It's a 50ml bottle so do I add the lot or do I need more ? Any comments appreciated.
  6. If I went to the bother of doing this to a Manta and looking for that kind of money I would at the very least make sure my advert had been spelt properly.
  7. Here's to many years to enjoy it. Looks a lovely buy.
  8. Jack, my Insignia is a 1.8 Exclusive, its a wee Manta joke.
  9. Wow. Like that a lot. If I thought I could that for mine though, I would have to let it go.
  10. Yes Kenny posted just as you turned up. Don't bother with the radio I'm not going to bother. Cheers though.
  11. Here, but currently on my lonesome........
  12. spent first afternoon of my 2 weeks off, washing and drying the i200 ready for tomorrow, I am feart the weather is going to wash us oot, but will be there.
  13. Kenny, I am a possible for this, am going on hols the day after so might not be able to get away with 2 shows in a row before that, but am a potential.
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