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  1. turned out my dads mate had a carb that he used to run his on. a 35/45 varajet 11. its in realy good nik and he claims was a great carb to use on a 1.9 or 2.0 cih engine. his car was similer to mine, hy lift cam lightend and ballanced etc. he reckon fuel economy wasnt that bad and when you u put your foot down she would realy rev and had a great sound. plus i got it for nothing. only thing is i need the 1.9 or 2.0 intake manifold if any one could help me with this.
  2. cheers chris yeah i no what you are saying im tying to go the cheepest route tho at the minute and i just want the car going again. i have to check the cam alrite to see what type is in it. there is so many options just. also getting my hands on either or is difficult enough. i was chatting to a man this morning that has a set of 50's set up for a 2.0 cih hes in to minds weater to sell them or not at the minute tho. thanks for your help anyway.
  3. hey guys ive an 85 gt/e hatch, i bought a 2.0 cih engine that a man had in a rally manta, it has ported and polished head high lift cam bigger valves etc. this engine was running on twin 48 webbers when he had it in the car but he then fitted them to the x/e. i fitted the engine into my car but had no carbs so i fitted my origional injection system. i got the car going and it wud go like hell but i cud never get it to run right on take over and low revs etc and cud never get the immissions right for m.o.t and it was always over fueling. the guy reckons it wud need to be run on carbs to run right. i have a manifold to run twin webbers and a manifold to run a single. what should i do? i was told by a man that a 32/36 dgv twin joke wud be the job for now. any help and tips and info would be much appreciated
  4. cheers lads for all the help< any idea wer to get the lightened flywheel at?
  5. cheers mate im just trying to see what my best options are at the minute cheers mate that has answered alot of my questions! i may be interesred in some of those parts also. at the minute i want to keep the injection (untill i scrape up some more cash) but i like the idea of carbs. ive managed to sort out a four branch manifold from a man beside me £30 second hand, not bad i thought!
  6. hi guys im new here by the way, i have an 1985 gte manta b hatch and i was wondering how i could tune up the engine in her as i dont realy want to change the engine? ive heard of getting a stage one head, cam, carbs etc, wat is your veiw? cheers
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