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  1. Has anyone got one off the black line helical lsds in there car?! And if so is it any good or do I pay more for a Quaife or more again for a gripper? Mine is only for a fast road car but it needs something to keep the wheel spin under control!
  2. DOse anyone know if the out put from my 2L XE red tops coil pack/ distributorless ecu will work my manta rev counter?! and if so what pin it is?! Cheers Clive
  3. I need to find a manta speedo cable! Can anyone point me in the right direction? cheers Clive
  4. Dose any one have or know where I can get a manta B speedo cable?! cheers Clive
  5. As above, I am looking for the mounts and bushes that mount the roll bar to the axle and links bushes and mounts mount to the body. cheers Clive
  6. Am having some dificulty loading pic to this therd. If you PM me an email adreess I will send you them direct. Clive
  7. I have a compleat front axle from a Isuzu Piazza turbo. With part worn large vented discs hubs and calipers. If you are interedsted let me know.
  8. how much do you want for the lsd you have and what make is it
  9. cant find a drewoman on the members list. any other ideas?
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