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  1. needs a redtop or V6 this car http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1987-OPEL-MANTA-1-8-S-GT-BLUE-50-700-miles-manual-hatchback-6mth-MOT-TAX-/221147795129?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item337d6f8eb9
  2. dont forget the carlton is heavier though mate,the 4xG's info is very correct i can assure you. i was told by one of the guys that used to operate the test rig at the engine plant when i was doing me last 3.2 conversion,i did have some test data somewhere showing different cam set ups. if i can find it i'll post it up but deffo get 2 more G's in ya manta. ya wont regret it. as for my V6 manta conversion i'll poss give it a swerve,i've not got a garage anymore so an involved project is out the question really. cheers for pics n info though.
  3. frontera is a totally different engine all together mate. vectra 3.2 is same family as the ealier 2.5/3.0 but i've heard few horror stories about them suffering oil pump problems. had one myself in my vec b that threw a rod:angry: if ya going 3.2 use an omega one;) mantaray,some nice pics there mateB) so do the omega exhaust manifolds/downpipes fit in a manta b without any mods??? also best cam set up for the V6 using GM cams is 4 G cams;)
  4. hmmn,didn't think about it being too tall. main prob i can see at mo is routing/making exhausts to come down side of box and under firewall. if omega set up too tall anyone tried vectra b set up? any pics of one fitted guys?
  5. well,dont seem to be able to sell me hatch so if i still own it when tax runs out its gonna be a project carB) anyone ever put an omega V6 in one? any particular problems to overcome?
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