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  1. on the topic of fuel lines.... I seem to recall someone welding through one of mine.... sound familliar? [][][][]
  2. I think you're missing a rather nice shiney rad tray too... eh clive??!!![][]
  3. nice to see the old girls getting fixed up.... i'm so glad it wasn't something pathetic like a pipe come loose or something... that would have been a reet kick in tha knackers!!! i get the feeling that it couldn't be in better hands!! hopefully when september comes around I'll be going to college so that if I buy something like that i may actually be able to fix it rather than having it sat forever till some one rescues it... definatly glad some one did... hope it all goes well ian!!
  4. went to mickappy... and then on to gunman... if i'm thinking of the right one...
  5. are they the ones that can be used to replace the 1800 mounts too???
  6. mate... hard top is the best way!! i don't think i could trust a piece of vinyl to stop my car getting pinched... rover looks good! when I eventually get the manta finished... (hopefuly will be done in the not too distant future... well body work and respray!) i'd like to do something like that.... something so old school that you really would never see one on the road!!! OMOC North East Rep - Kinda....
  7. clive... i think you need to go electric with the boot now there's no lock... get one of them fancy solenoids that pop the boot with the press of the button... expect an email from me shortly... need to be sober to send it though so it won't be tonight!!![][][] OMOC North East Rep - Kinda....
  8. mick... wanna cheat??? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Vauxhall-Opel-Man ... dZViewItem just needs an engine and box... OMOC North East Rep - Kinda....
  9. hope mine gets to that standard when i'm done...[xx(][xx(][xx(] OMOC North East Rep - Kinda....
  10. it's the fact that i seem to have lost the ability to do most things at the moment... hearing, reading.... various other things.....
  11. oh yeah andy... forgot to ask... any idea what's up with the passenger indicators... neither front or back work and i've checked the now 2 sets of rear lights and it's the same... bulb works fine in thedrivers side but still nowt from the passenger side... was told that the rear light/brake light works so you sorted that out....
  12. I'll be honest mate... still need to sort some cash out for chris and to buy some kind of spray to cover where i've gone through to bare metal... never had a dry & available day to get anything done... half the crap is still in the car at the moment... already got some filler so just need to get the spray stuff sorted... can anyone remember what primer it was we used on the rear arches?? and where to get it from???
  13. sticking with the 1.8? for now atleast... the main priority is getting it looking good... then it'll get treated to a new engine.... not sure what yet!!
  14. don't worry... I know what I'm doing with it now.... gonna try to keep shtum until billing next year.... i should at least have the bodywork done!!
  15. well chaps.... I fianlly wade it home... and I have to say its the first time in ages that I've really enjoyed driving the car again!!! I stopped off at liecester services fo about 20 mins cause i decided i was absolutly starving.... having a bounty and a few cups of coffee to keep me going... Quite please about that bodyfiller comment kev... the amount of stick you were giving me i thought I was doing sh!te!! by the way folks... massive credit to kev helping out as it's the first time I've met him!! Although... to be honest I've never really had a proper chat with Andy T either... and really... I've only met the others a couple of times properly... Have to say too a Massive Massive Thanks to mr Virco.... Supplied us with rear quarter panels when we really needed it... specially as he was on his way to set up a club stand at a show... can't rememeber which one it was but cheers for the invite too!! Clive did an amazing job with the floor, sills and chassis rails... though i miss my air con!!! NOT!! Kev... hat's off to you for the A post and the front end!! do you know how long it's been since I've been able to close my bonnet properly!! i.e. without jarring my wrists from slamming it!!! Chris... top job on the arches and the other A post... Good tip about the stickyflex (or whatever it's called... will hunt it out!!) you and clive had a right carry on with the washer bottle tray thing.. great job again!! Paul... that tank is mint!!! Thank you for giving me a petrol gauge back too!!! and the car stops soooooo much better... need to get my arse in gear and get the front oned sorted now!!! Andy... well impressed that you built a whole new loom from scratch... wired it all up... sorted my lights out... wired up for the elegence bumper... (shame the f***er was too much of a piss about to get it on in the timescale.... grrrrr!!!) Have to admit... i did feel like a third bollock for most of the time but I've learned a hell of a lot... and I mean a hell of a lot... was actually quite suprised at how little i actually knew!!! The car still won't pass an MOT... BUT... compared to what it was before it is soooooooo close!!! all it need is the p/s indicators looking at... will check the fuse first.... when I can see again!! There's a hole in the p/s rear arch... stickyflex... front brakes definatley need attention... and 1 front and 1 rear spring need sorting... compared to all that... leaky petrol tank... missing tail light, no floor.... no chassis rail... no jacking point... all brakes a bit knackered... Think it's come a long way... will take a lot longer to be a minter but atleast its actually fun to drive again!!! what was done... in a weekend!! :- New rear arches - both sides New sill - drivers side New a posts - both sides Jacking point replaced - Drivers side Full electric loom for the rear rear lights fixed Dash lights fixed (andy's magic touch did it as he claimed he only took the cowling off!!!) rear drums replaced - both sides brakes bled new fuel tank - no longer leaks!!! hardcore 2" of armour plaing too!! cheers paul!! Wheels cleaned - almost immaculate considering the amount of sh!t on them... All praise the Evil Acid!! need to get me some to sort the calipers out!! New fuel line front to back - needed due to an unfortunate welding accident!! Drivers side arch filled and primed... passenger rear arch primed - get to do the smoothing myself!! we'll see how the novice does on his own!! (probably end up like a 400 arch!!) whole area under the washer bottle - great job considering the amount chopped out!! car under sealed - well... some black stone chip type stuff i only managed to remember the stickyflex as a brand... everthing else was just spray... I'm sure there's other stuff... but again MASSIVE thanks to all who helped... good to meet PMA and Del (of green monster fame) both popped in for a look... I agree with andy... this definatley wasn't for the feinthearted... I'm suprised I managed to cope with it all... when you have some of the most experienced people on here saying it's the worst car they've ever worked on you know that they've done an absolutly amazing job... think we worked out the labour cost to be around £3000!!!! If i had that kind of money I'd quite happily pay you all for it cause thankfully no one would bodge anything!! even though I suggested it a few times...[:I][:I][)][)]... Was only trying to help move things along!! I have the removed Jacking point and I'm going to mount it and have a small plaque to commemorate the event and will have it on display at billing next year.... Got no excuse to not go in the concourse now!! Forgive me if i'm not on in the next few days... I will be asleep or at work..... sooooooooooooooo tired.... but wouldn't have missed it for the world!!
  16. How's this??? sorry to anyone on 56k!!!
  17. i'll be setting off in seconds!!! go me!!! it starts...
  18. woo hoo!!! been looking forward to this for ages now!!!! Think I'm gonna have to start declaring the mod's to the insurance co. eek!!! I also gotta tell them about the speeding ticket too... poo... Think I'll wack a grand agreed value to it too!! The car is finally packed... hope those bumpers don't move while I'm driving... otherwise i'm fooked!!! was planning to collect the side skirts either on the way or on the way back but I really can't be fooked to extend the travelling time to 5 hours!!
  19. while i remember.... this doesn't have to be done but I think my clutch may need doing... with the car on it's side I thought it may be easier to sort... I have a new one, shall I bring it with me?? The car is mostly packed up... hopefully the neightbours downstairs are in so I can get my petrol tank!! How much do the number plates cost at the motor factors? I've found some at 28.99 delivered on the net... they even have an opel logo!!!
  20. don't worry paul... i'll even bring your 1 pack of cutters choice!! how much do these plates cost? just cause I know halfrauds are about 20 quid a plate last time i looked... and was thinking about getting something exra as the normal plates are boring... not sure what I'm allowed... I know I'm allowed a liittle bit more than modern cars due to the age... "they were already on when I bought the car, Orifice!!! I mean Officer!"
  21. well I'll definatley be there.... bringing front end, carlton 2.2 calipers, 2.2 discs, suspension, no seats, bumpers... I still need a bolt for the bumper... I'm hoping we can get the rear bumper sorted... the fog lights and number plate light will need sorting... anyone know where I can get decent number plates from??? Just cause I know my front one is never going back on again!!! suprised it hasn't fallen off yet!!! OMOC NE Area Rep... omocne@hotmail.co.uk
  22. while i remember.... does anyone know if their respective area members need anything that may be removed off my car? i.e. bumpers or original calipers? cause they'll be free... OMOC NE Area Rep... omocne@hotmail.co.uk
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