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  1. Deffo hitting the highway to Billing this year
  2. Aye she's looking ok, not mint, mint but then she does get used most days. Don't think so Paul, yours is a stunning example mate. Doesn't seem like I've been away but got a new membership number, would like my old one back pleeease.
  3. Good to be back, hopefully keep my 5106 membership number
  4. Bloody hell Kev, you're building you're own car there - never seen so many mods in one car! Will it still look like a Manta when you're finished???
  5. Top work Scott looks spot on again now!
  6. Gutted the engine popped on my exclusive - anyone got a replacement??? Just after the standard CIH, straight swap - some hisyory would be NICE!

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    2. dougcae


      any luck with engine search.Doug

    3. couperman


      Would like some kind person who knows their stuff to come and look at it for me..... Need to charge the battery up again and have another go!

    4. taylorblue5


      Il fix urs if u fix mine, lol.

  7. I really like this car! Very nice!
  8. Is right Scott!! So have you driven it yet mate?????
  9. The more people that chop up and put on kits, and then change the engine's in their Manta's the more mine will go up in value. Good luck to anyone wanting to spend a shed load of money they will never see again! As long as it's done well and the owner is happy, then nothing else matters, and it's no-one else's business! CHEERS!
  10. Scott I had the car running before I sold it to you, before the fuel hoses went knacked and corroded). I didn't fit the engine it was done professionally (they did 3 transplants for me with complete success every time). All the cut wires were only ever related to the alarm (the one's I knew about anyway). That ECU has been in 3 cars too to suit the engine. like you said yourself, you have had it running, but the car was sat a few years so somethings had to give - NOT MUCH HELP AT ALL I KNOW. Hope you get it sorted mate, the finish line is so close for you now! I just want to offer you encouragement because you have done a fine job so far in bring back a Manta to life which I had otherwise killed by leaving on my driveway, this is just the last hurdle I'm sure! Best of luck mate GAZ
  11. Top work scott, cannee believe what you have achieved, so glad it's going to be coming back to life mate!!! A+++++++
  12. proper old skool, nice pics!
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