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  1. That would be great thanks.
  2. Still no luck yet. Any unwanted project cars.
  3. No she never went to Inverness. Only to Lairg to the painters. He sorted the crashed side. Next time your up give me a shout.
  4. To much for me. Plus I wrote it off so it need checked out. It’s been repaired but the other side is melting away. I also live right at the top up by Kinlochbervie north west Scotland. It’s just over facing me. I wont scrap the old shell I’ll sell it to some one far better than me for sorting, rallying or cutting up
  5. The welding needed on my car is just to much. So I’m on the look out for a rust free shell. I realise it’s a lot to ask for. Mine is a 86 gte coupe. Please get in touch with what you have. Thanks everyone!!!
  6. evening all. just checking in. still got the manta. not done a thing since. really struggling to get motivated. don't know why but I get overwhelmed when I go near it. can you still buy repair panels on line? drivers side inner and outer sills. drivers floor. chasses rails and drivers side jacking points.
  7. What radio would have been fitted in a 86 gte from new? I'd like to replace the modern pish sticking out my dash board
  8. totally new brakes for the back. Where do you guys get your drums from? eBay? Getting polly bushes for the whole car from retropower. Also a drivers side sill as mine has gone behind the spat/ side skirt haha. What paint is best for the axle? Im after a full exhaust if anyone has one? And I think I'm going to get a lsd once I get to sea more. So again if anyone has one of them to give me a shout. If not I'll get them from eBay ££££
  9. Just trying to up load some pictures lol Took the axle off to paint it. What's the best paint to paint it with?? And the underside of the car?? I've got lowering springs/harder with fancy shocks. Going to but fancy rear brake drums and new rear brake Pistons. The drivers side read shock was totally knackered. So wouldn't have helped me spinning out. Next picture
  10. well my GTE is getting sorted. sill has been pulled out and underside sorted a bit to. can not wait!!!
  11. Thanks mate. Can't give up on her. There will always be some thing I can do she will be sorted. No car will ever put a smile on my face like the manta. Even when she went flat if I never started her for a couple of days haha love it!!
  12. It's still waiting for it's moment. Painter hasn't started it yet. Not lookin good for this summer
  13. You are a legend. I will try that tomorrow
  14. Some shocks. Can I fit these to my gte? Or do they get fucked with age. and a steering wheel. Going to clean it up for when my gte comes home
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