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  1. As above, NSF and osf wings needed asap, cash waiting and I can collect them from wherever you are, needed desperately!
  2. As title really need to get this sorted so's I can get the car back on the road for summer.
  3. Definately at billing this year mate, Ive already booked the camping pitch for a few of my friends luckily all my trim is really good apart from that window rubber and the chrome strip below it isn't too clever either, but yeah hopefully one will turn up on the bay
  4. Got round to sorting the paintwork on the cav on tuesday, started off by washing then snow foaming the whole car; After a while that was jet washed off and then we clayed the car, Ive never done this before but the difference in the feel of the paint before and after is unreal lol then cut back the paint and polished it with the machine, the car has been previously mopped and theyve burnt through the paint in places so we where careful not to make any of this any worse than it needs to be a few half and half shots, (really hard to see on a yellow car!) we even done inside the door shuts Once polished, the old girl got a coat of gold class meguires wax to seal the paint, hopefully over the next few weeks I'll be able to get a few more coats on Totally transformed the car and now I feel happy about using it again for the summer. This weekend should see the trim and badges cleaned and polished and back on the car there is some bad news though............. This is dead!................ Driver side window rubber, kaput!
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