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  1. all good mate . hope not too long now should be finished , every time i got to this stage{mot } have been trying new stuff {power steering ect]so been put back a bit . so you have moved still in the land of the gods i hope ? lol or are you over the border now ..
  2. how do you up load photos where is a 6 year old when you need one

  3. col

    Price Of 400 Rep

    upk kev has told me to inc for 5k , after looking at the car thanks kev big help , and thanks for the advice in the air flow box have now carried out mod to stop it catching on the brake res . good luck with the new b project col
  4. kev you are a brave man well done to you . thank you so much for the advice on sat re molded the air box and looking into a vw heater , have tried again as you said to list photos for the club members to see but will not list. this project puts mine to shame good luck . the tell number for adrian in ANGLESEY WINDSCREENS is 08009541626 he can get the bronze one you wanted .also asked keith from CES about the other lamp for you he will try this week to get one for you thanks once again for the advice as the members say you are the origanal restoration man col :thumbup
  5. dan tried to pm you but cant ??? hope all ok with you col
  6. col

    Mixed Bag

    pm sent pm sent
  7. got engine and box compleate for sale i f that helps see listing parts for sale hpoe you get sorted soon col
  8. col

    Price Of 400 Rep

    ok thanks will try here goes started out 1988 gte exc ib starmist black bought for 175 quid 3 years ago strip down to shell new floor ,boot battery tray jacking pionts cut arches fitted gen 400 wide body kit {sealed and filled arches} did not like fiber glass bonnet so fitted air vents to steel one without the triangles in the front full re spray in black non metalic 2 pack {14 coats put on over 3 stages} all suspention stripped powder coated and poly bushed lowerd suspention springs bt 40 mm quick rack rear axle stripped and rebuilt with new/used parts duel fan cooling system for the rad new windscreen and rear glass{ care of anglesey windscreens} 1800 gear box red top 16 v engine with new loom hiden in engine bay area 400 wheels wax oiled {humm does not seem like a lot put in a list so why as this taken nearly 3 years lol} having problems putting up photos even done the unthinkable asked my 11 year old to do it but she cant work in out for replacement as will need fully comp to try to cover the cost rebuild on another hope this is what you needed thanks col
  9. col

    Twin Lamps

    ok now rewired with relay so all 4 come on with main beam silly set up . upgraded bulb s in main to 100w clear blue still running 55w on dip thak you to all for the help and advice col :D
  10. col

    Mixed Bag

    thanks all gear boot on order main dealer{22quid plus vat} pm sent for battery clamp still need other bits if anyone can help thanks to all so far for your help col pm sent thanks
  11. col

    Mixed Bag

    radiator cover that sits between slam pannel on top of the rad o.s seat belt stalk and bolts that sit between seat and gear box tunnel{black} n/s door check strap sun roof trim that sits around the sun roof handle{cream ish} thanks col
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