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  1. Davids new car no jealous not one bit lol
  2. Nice one pal ,im down in ayrshire let me know when your out and about i do loads of shows in scotland gies a shout if fancy going out a run Cheers brian
  3. This arrived today ,going to be a 400 rally car replica ,not mine alas just doing all the welding and kit fitting ready for paint ,belongs to a friend Will update as it goes along πŸ‘πŸ˜„
  4. Search for opel ascona b as well theres some good used ones on ebay
  5. jS performance did mine ,very good to deal with
  6. Not off topic at all good to get some feedback for a site ive never used Thanks again
  7. Thanks for the linkπŸ‘
  8. Looking for the flexi air intake pipe for a gte that goes between the air box and inlet manifold ,must be good with no cracks or splits Thanks brian
  9. Thats the ones got a set fitted to mine My mates doing a 400r doubt he'll have anymore thanks for the help though lads
  10. No mate it was a set of plates for the lower suspension arms but that's an interesting idea you've posted
  11. Does anyone know who it was that did the strengthining plates for the lower suspension arms looking for a set for my mates manta Thanks brian
  12. Is it Simon that's organising cars for the show??
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