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  1. Hi lads, I am after some parts to complete my interior: 1. Centre console in grey 2. Coupe rear door cards in grey 3. Rear window shelf without holes for speakers Anything on the list- just PM. Thanks Best Regards, Plamen
  2. Basically title says most. I need a rear seat for opel manta B coupe- GSI with red piping like this: If any door cards or grey handles - just let me know- I might be interested. I could arrange courier or postage is also OK. PM if you have something. Thanks, Plamen
  3. sorry for delay  if you still need the trim it will be £50 inc postage


    1. flux


      Sure. For the black?

      What is the condition?

  4. Hi, I am buying full recaro interior from opel manta B. I would like these to be in good condition- to not need repairing. I need set of front + back seat and door cards... all other parts are NOT a must. The dashboard I don't need, due it is a for LWD car. I need a postage to NW2 2AL and can pay an extra or take it on my own. Thanks. Plamen
  5. GranD. Thanks pal. You have some list with all the original colours for old RWD oppels? Cheers, Plamen
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