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  1. Hi folks. I'm looking for 2 good front wings and a front panel for my Ascona B. Also looking for a plain black rad grill if anybody can help.
  2. Hi guys, Can anyone give me any info on the best way to set up a pinion shaft as i have already snapped 2 shafts trying to close the slack on the bearings. What do people use to crush the sleeve iv got the spline locked with a tool and have a huge bar tightening the nut. Bloody nightmate.
  3. Hi guys, im in the market for a full Manta b axle if anybody has one available? Thanks. Scott.
  4. Thanks for you response Bud! Iv got all the tools i need, got new bearings and crush sleeve etc and have tried to rebuild it twice now but its now making sense 😂 New axle required me thinks.
  5. Hi Folks. My Ascona is originally a 1.6 car and the pinion bearing went and on changing it the pinion was damaged. I replaced the pinion and crown wheel with a 3.44 from a Manta and the end of the pinuon has snapped trying to take up the play in the shaft for preload. Is my diff different to that of a Manta is the question im asking??
  6. Hi folks, im in the market for a diff unit. 3.44 if possible from a manta gte etc. Thanks. Scott.
  7. I can't find anything that describes which item goes to which pin on the plug.
  8. Hi folks, i'm needing a pinout for the round 11 pin dash binnacle multi plug as mine needs rewired. I originally stripped my manta dash and drew a diagram but iv lost it and it's not easy as you'd think to get right.
  9. I'm needing a round dash binnacle multi plug with tails on if anybody can help. Would take a loom section if need be, i'm struggling to rewire my 6 dial dash into the 3 dial fitted Ascona. Cheers.
  10. Hi Doug, It would have been my Exclusive Coupe, I work in Faslane and was using it as my daily. Recently sold the Manta but im now using my Ascona B 16v turbo as my daily so you'l see that about doing about 500mph lol. this HTML class. Value is [URL=http://s1210.ph http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc414/taylorblue5/20140807_143423.jpg[/IMG]
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a 5 speed transmission tunnel for my Ascona if anybody has one available? Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Im getting a vibration from somewhere and just trying to get to the bottom of it, the gearbox and transmission can be a little noisy but not sure if its just the vibration causing it.
  13. Hi all Just wondering if anybody knows what oil the Omega gearbox takes? Mine has very light gear in not unlike power steering fluid and im getting some vibration and a noisy box. I hope its the wrong oil as im worrying the box is dodgy. Thanks. Scott.
  14. Xe's are a nightmare when they start developing issues. Check all your vacuum hoses and make sure there is no leaks. Clean the airflow meter gently with some carb cleaner also.
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