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  1. Ru55

    Parts Required

    Thanks for the help, on the case now.
  2. Ru55

    Parts Required

    I have just put the engine back in by coupe and need the following to try to finish after an over enthusiastic removal chopped some much needed bits(not by me) Can someone point me in the best direction to find these bits. I require: Clutch cable Accelerator cable Distributor cap, HT leads and rotor arm Oil filter Full exhaust system And a radiator pleeease
  3. Ru55

    Engine Loom

    Sounds great to me. Russ 07595322989
  4. Ru55

    Engine Loom

    It is an injection loom, many thanks for the pointer. Russ
  5. Ru55

    Engine Loom

    I am looking for a 2 ltr engine loom. The loom I have has been cut through at the bulkhead. My other option is to join it. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the engine harness as I would splice all the cables if I knew which was which. Lots are the same colour unfortunately. Thans in advance, Russ
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