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  1. Winston

    same here, could you please email me some pics



  2. Hi, Can't see your advert on piston heads, can you email me some pictures please. simon@encapsulite.co.uk thanks

  3. Thansk for the replies,managed to get hold of the other guy who tinkered with the car and its a V-max evo 5 chip in the std ECU which is good news so hopefully i can just move forward from there. The engine had a brand new block and was skimmed,new pistons,bottom end rebuild and timing belt all about 18months ago and has done nothing since so seems i have a good base to work on. i am planning to check for leaks 1st as 5 psi does seem too low and then get running about 14psi and should be able to eat most things around off the line. Only problem is the manta becomes very light on the back at speed (over 100mph) and to be honest im very nervous driving at that. I guess this is a common issue?
  4. ok cheers, you seem to be my one stop advice centre, have you got any more pics of your manta a , and details of spec etc looks interesting
  5. Great thanks for that,know anyone in norfolk area who knows what they are doing adjusting the boost?
  6. 1.5 bar in psi? I have saab red injectors which apparently are good?
  7. Thanks for that, got a couple of spares around??? What about the rear legs,where do they mount?
  8. Hi, I have a rear half cage for a manta B and i have a manta A lol. I'm wondered if anyone who has done this can tell me how/where they modified it and fixed it in the car,any pics would be great
  9. Hi again all,still same old problem as my c20 let manta has a stand alone Mitsi evo ECU no body will tune it for me. i have fitted a boost gauge and its showing 5psi???????? Which seems odd as the car is seriously fast but there. Does anyone know what PSi boost a C20 let is optimal and safe at?
  10. got the boost gauge on the way so will fit it and see whats happening there. Looking for someone to tune the car who knows about adjusting boost and the safe limits etc. I have courtney sport in my area but i think they are only interested in VXR stuff now
  11. Right guys, i no very little about turbos. I once had a Renault 5 GT which had a turbo, boost gauge and boost controller (big black knob you turned up or down to adjust boost) I now have the C20 LET engine in my manta, but i have no boost gauge or adjustment so how do i know what boost its running? and can i / how do i adjust it? I found someone had slipped a spacer in the re-circulator valve? Which meant it was running full boost all the time (not good) I have now removed this and fitted an atmospheric dump valve Any advice would be good but please put it in laymens terms so i can make use of it, ha ha
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