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    hey dude,yup definitely interested in one of those engines.keep me updated on them,would like to get my engine swapped so the cars ready for show season starting.
  2. *energy*


    looking for an engine to stick in my mk1 cavalier...currently a 1600. something direct fit...either a full opel manta injection set up....or a 2000cih. cash waiting...willing to travel a bit to get something decent cheers amigos
  3. i had mines acid dipped,blasted and powder coated...then when i got then back i masked them up and sprayed the black triangles.
  4. Hey snowy,its an Ate master cylnder on my car.should i measure the bolt pattern for you? cheers
  5. Needing one for my 1600 mk1 cavalier asap. New or used. Thanks
  6. looks a decent wee project for someone.,.guy wants 1200 for her. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-VAUXHALL-CAVALIER-LS-RED-1-PREVIOUS-OWNER-50-000-MILES-/281676060930?
  7. iv got two 1600s and one 2000....i cant imagine how slow the 1300 would be!!1600 is gutless as it is.damm pretty car tho!lovely colour.and bloody cheap!
  8. some people would rather scrap a car that let someone else have it...or leave it to rot away...pisses me off.
  9. Looking for an adjustable one...pay pal ready asap.
  10. Ye I was going to go 15" banded wheels..but a customer wanted his car sorted...but had no money but nice wheels lol so a deal was done. I can't wait to get the 8v fitted.. I have a v6 mk3 astra so still get my v6 fix. I have an astra vxr as a fast toy.
  11. ah ye see i was thinking about playing around with the wheels.i was thinking the green might be nice in the middle,and get the lips done mega polished chrome. believe it or not its just a standard colour from a peugeot 206 over silver basecoat.has a beautiful flip/pearl to it.
  12. Couple of quick pics i took,still a bit to get done,smooth bumpers off and spray them satin black,wax the underside,arches etc.Get it lowered and get bigger tyres.
  13. OK think iv got my head around the engine parts etc. So now I need a flat type XE flywheel,calibra turbo clutch and spigot?that right?
  14. All this info is great guys,really appreciate it.
  15. Boys all this info is great!!! Paul I will pm you regarding the conversion, would be nice to not mod the car.its the cleanest shell if seen and would hate to piss about with the shell. Thanks
  16. Ahhh OK,I'll check the engine when I pick it up.led to believe its a 130 engine
  17. Thanks for the info guys. Its to go into my saloon.
  18. Evening boys,wee wish list of parts here that I need for my c20seh conversion. Need 1800/XE rwd sump GTE belt drive distributor conversion 1800 exhaust manifold Thanks:-)
  19. And is it a GTE fuel pump?or the cav sri one? Thanks dude
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