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  1. you could try to weld a nut on to whats left or grind it with two opposing flats. i would try the welding myself.
  2. hi yes im looking for one with the hole for the sender im going ms2 and am using a 2.4 crank wheel thanks for looking nick
  3. r u selling the oil pump cover im looking for one for my opel gt 2.2
  4. for a start, what car is it i used the older, 1.9, more simple thermostat on my opel gt with 2.4 head. however you can buy or make, i made, a plate to go behind the thermostat in order to bring it forward as the fi gets in the way. this is an adaptor, https://www.opelgtsource.com/store/11000/11033.html Too pricey for me so I made mine similar to this plate but if I remember it had a different no. and position of the mounting holes. This is prob as im using a cut down 6 cylinder inlet manifold and not a 2.4 or 2.0, 1.9 one.
  5. check out opelgt.com for answers to all your problems, stateside.
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