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  1. I know where there is a 1.8 gearbox sitting in a garage. But it's in west wales.
  2. I have an injection GT/E coupe tank, pristine, but it has a tiny leak where the pipe goes in to the tank. Free to pick up.
  3. I have a 2.0L stage 2 head with widened ports that seems to have a Carlton exhaust pattern, so I think it's a Carlton head but was told by the engineering firm, Ram Motorsport, it fitted a Manta. No cam or studs, but valves, cam shells and springs. Never used it as I had the original changed to unleaded. It's oiled so not rusty and in the spare bedroom and probably would not need skimming again. Can send a pic if you're interested.
  4. I think Northern Radiators make new tanks. You can find them on the web.
  5. If you haven't found one, I have a new and unused Goodridge rear hose that was never fitted.
  6. I also use the vauxhall synthetic gearbox oil, the smelly red stuff, and it's fine. For the GT/E axle, I use Castrol's Driveline syntrax.
  7. I have a pair of new rear drums for the B, that fit my GT/E.
  8. I have a new bosch fuel pump in its box if you're interested.
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