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  1. cant see the pics...haha what a "user" I am i can share with you but you cant share with me...
  2. I 400 not a one. not a show plate but personalised plate bought for the car Will get BBS RS cores and do custom rim offset at some stage. But for now, black hides brake dust
  3. I cant see most of the pictures on here as I am now a "user" here are some pics of the near completed project. looking forward to getting it on the dyno soon
  4. cant see your photos because I am a "user" but I know the car. must say I like a hatch in white & naked
  5. sorry I had to chuckle at the "dont think they can find one" want to try being on the arse end of the world in New Zealand trying to get parts, anything is possible, they just need to try harder haha http://mm-opelparts.com/exterior/body-panels/front-wing/ my pick would be to point them in the direction of Anthony Drosos at Opel Parts Greece. may not be the cheapest but he can probably get a new old stock original GM wing.
  6. water ingress through the top of the A pillar between the body and the metal trim that holds the rubber seals. the trim needs to be removed and non setting mastic sealer added at the angle between the roof and the A pillar. pull the rubbers and unscrew the trim to do it properly.
  7. keeping the hub centric locator is an issue that needs to be considered.
  8. if the wheel is cracked I would be taking a closer look at the suspension arms and linkages
  9. top of the A pillar where the metal trim and rubber all come together on the body can be a leak area. under the battery and along the top of the bulkhead another problem area for leaks. plenty of good info on here on where the tin worm lurks, bottom of the B pillar is a very busy place where panels come together inside the sills so any rust behind the side skirts in that area will be a sign of problems. Chassis legs are always my first look see, followed by front jacking points and sills. bubbles in the roof around sun roof, again lots to see on here about that. extending the drains as mentioned above is good advise, factory / design mistake there. like all cars of this era they were never designed to last forever, some really good cars been made from something that looks like its been submarine deck cargo for the past 20 years. its always good to have at least one donor car to hand as well if possible.
  10. The Manta is pretty simple really in so many ways. But be prepared to do a lot of welding and fabrication. It can turn out to be a massive job time wise. I am amazed that some on here do simply incredible work in confined spaces, so it can be done. You really need to "want" to do it, and expect it to take time. I have spent a huge amount of time online researching, finding parts at the right price can be a challenge. Its a journey really, you will meet new people who are Manta freaks and its those friendships that help along the way. If you need to rely on favors expect to be patient and do your best to return them when you can.
  11. very very tidy job, full credit to you.
  12. big job on there, will be worth it tho.
  13. the rear panel you sent me over from the UK turned out nice as did the infill panel from Paul Beats as did the rear bumper from Dave McKay the registration plate you forwarded on to me as well Kev might get me pulled over being in German font. NZ Format registration plate
  14. just a "user" Kev might hijack your thread now your done
  15. been a while since I have been here, good to see the progress
  16. watching you charge through the red one gave me a kick in the arse so playing catch up now. the rear panel you sent me turned out nice
  17. Good times, two Manta freaks working on a car together. Nice one Danny. Eyes bulged a little when I saw that big flame in such a confined space with all those combustables around. Awesome effort, looks brilliant. Yes keep 2017 as a motivator, I will be home for my 50th and a cruise with you in the finished thing would be a treat.
  18. https://www.facebook.com/opelmantagtr
  19. To be honest, mainly the forum and the way it all works from searching to photobucket. And the other reasons I don't have my build thread here anymore.
  20. Sorry to say I won't be renewing my membership this month. Catch me on Facebook. Regards from New Zealand Derek
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