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  1. Anybody having trouble with migweb as i cannot get on the site at all using any andriod system.
  2. Been done i know, but what is involved in fitting a quick rack to my manta gte, and is it useful.
  3. Looking for a good quick rack for my manta b, will need to be sent to me so include postadge.
  4. Hi guys, think my c20let is over boosting, it has a standard turbo, has a lager top hat and a cozzie intercooler. When I boot it in any gear when the turbo spools up it seems to miss a beat, not misfire or anything like that, just not smooth like when I drive it normally. Its all new at the top end, recon head, and all that goes with it including cleaned injectors. Any ideas.
  5. Anyone recomend a steel braided fuel lines that don't make the car stink of fuel, i run mine inside the car and the stink is not good.
  6. The best manta build i have ever seen, so much problem solving and engineering, great stuff.
  7. Phoned vauxhall and it's over £200.00 for it but all the concentric cylinders are the same.
  8. I have one in my e30 turbo, must say it's bloody brill if a little noisey, will try and put a pick for ya. Hope this helps, it's from t7 design and is well made, mine is in and working but not hooked up to vent's yet as building a new dash, looking at it, it's a very small motor cycle rad and a computer fan, could with time make your own like this.
  9. Hi guys, on a omega r25/28 gearbox, are the slave cylinders the same on the petrol engines, as i need one to finish my conversion. It has a green rubber sleave if that makes any differance.
  10. Throttle body's for me, best of both worlds.
  11. Anyone who has fitted the clutch spacer kit from them great guys at retro power for the omega gearbox, have you noted that the three allen key bolts that replace the normal bolts that the master cylinder sits on are about 1 thread to long as they run out of space before tightening up, i had to fit a washer to take up the gap, and then fit the spacer kit which is a very good bit of kit i must say.
  12. Over looked indeed, i shall brace the shell a different way.
  13. Would i need a roll cage in my manta with a 3ltr engine fitted, its only a road car, would it make that much differance to the handling.
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