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  1. On 1/18/2016 at 8:04 PM, chrisb said:

    That's me and your dad talking blue Exclusives Chris, I cant believe he still has his after all these years.

    Haha, yep still has it, about time you got rid of your GT3 and bought a manta or two eh! :P

    Almost back together now too! engine going in over the next month, , as it stands I could eat my dinner off of the underside, prob cleaner than my kitchen!  

    So that's one Monaco Blue Exclusive at Billing this year! ;) His rebuild thread is here 


  2. Good to see ADZ4575 is getting another chance! Saw her out driven by the Crooks last couple years, and boy did she go, driven properly too. Are you planning on restoring to FIA 400 Homoligation Regs in order to use in Historics? Or Clubman/BTRDA?

    On 03/01/2016 at 11:32 AM, ascona400r said:

    Nice project you have there, will be nice when finished. Am currently restoring a proper Ascona 400 rally car myself - some difference between a standard shell and proper historic shell in fairness.

    Wondering what were the changes to the regulations that made it not eligible for next year for the previous owner ??

    The changes made were that there is no longer a gravel championship for Pre '87 cars with an 'Open Class' formerly the RAC Rally Championship. Although the same organizers have now setup the RAC Historic Tarmac Championship which caters for 'FIA Homologated' 2WD cars upto '92.

    Here's a photo of her before her accidents last season. Think there is an old thread with history of this car before Simon Crook bought it on here somewhere, will post link when I find it.

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  3. It's that time of year again the BHRC and RAC championships are go and looks like they'l be snow!


    OMOC Member Simon Crook will be out in his Manta 400R to defend his 2014 RAC Open Class crown around the stages of Crychan and Caeo, Llandovery.


    Speccie stages at crychan are 8.50, 9.20, 12 and 12.20


    Peter Smith will also be out in the lovely Ascona A along with Steve Perez in the Stratos and Reynolds in the Fiat 131 along with the usual offenders in escorts!


    Will be driving up from Devon to see Crychan South (9.20) and Crychan North 12.00, hope to get to service and see Simon after too!

  4. Hi all,


    As above the Regency Stages Rally held at Bath & West Showground (Shepton Mallet) is on November 29th. There is a rumor that Brooks may be out in ADZ 31 running as course opening car, (like 2011) too!


    2 mantas will be out in the mainfield - John Rutter (aka rutthenut) will be out in his V8 Manta, along with Peter Hedges in his 400R. Quite a few other interesting cars and crews entered including two Ferrari 308s :o , a Ford Anglia Cosworth and Julian Wilkes (2 time BTRDA 1400 Champion) back out in a newly built nova.




    Me and SCP will be heading up from Exeter, if anybody want's to join or meet up?


    Forum thread for the event: http://britishrally.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=57308&start=80 


    Last year's event  -



  5. Unlike the escorts though Chris I can't get full Kevlar underfloor guards and full floor pans and chassis rails off the shelf at the corner shop. I'd love to do gravel but it's unbelievably hard on the car as Simon would tell you.

    Yes thats the major problem :/ it's a big shame, parts availability and all that. you never know, now the RAC has won the bid for MSA Historic Championship maybe they'l let Mantas in and can do the tarmac rounds, might do Jim Clark next year, I'd guess?

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