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  1. Yes thats the major problem :/ it's a big shame, parts availability and all that. you never know, now the RAC has won the bid for MSA Historic Championship maybe they'l let Mantas in and can do the tarmac rounds, might do Jim Clark next year, I'd guess?
  2. We used to be the South West Reps, and tried organising a few meets and events, but never really gathered much interest. James Sene in Newton Abbot took over from us, would be good to have some local meets if there's a few more mantas back on the road in Devon and South West area, maybe next summer eh Simon?
  3. Fair enough would be nice to see some more beating the escorts in wales, like Simon's has this year
  4. Looking good, you planning to use it in the RAC Pre 87 Championship once it's done?
  5. photos from red kite, will post all of this year's photos of Simon up here for use for the mag. might get a decent one for the cover at some point, was hoping to get to sweet lamb for a water splash 'manta magic' style but was manic trying to get out of Pikes Peak. Peter Smith's Ascona A - And one from Mid Wales
  6. ah right maybe next year we'l see you on the somerset battling Mr ballinger, me and my dad always go up there- marshalling at the age of 7 back in the early 90s lol I've uploaded the photos I have of you and Peter (Ascona A) to a directory on my website http://chrischapmancreativemedia.co.uk/simon/ pick and choose, il PM Rob, but here's the only one I have of you from sunday Edit + a couple youtube vids I found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g1pi3Rs1bo&t=1m42s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zl4NnGi12g&t=5m06s
  7. yep I saw the the spin was standing on the long hairpin up the hill from there. Still a lot quicker getting up there than most even with a spin! didn't make it to sweet lamb in the end so no manta magic water splash style photos from me will sort through photos and videos tomorrow. Great result, thanks for entertaining us in the wet conditions! made the 3 hr drive up there more worth it. let me know if you or rob want a hand with an article for the mag or some photos I have some from red kite also. don't fancy the Somerset in April to keep your hand in? all the best, Chris
  8. hmm early start or very early start for the Mid Wales Historic Rally...lol

  9. you getting there for stage 1 at 10am? , not sure whether to go there or leave a little later and go straight to sweet lamb, i'd have to leave at 6 to get to pikes peak lol.. , never been to either stages.
  10. Anybody heading over to watch The biggest historic rally of the year? both BHRC and RACC championships are running together with Myherin or 'Pikes Peak' being run up and downhill! + Sweet Lamb and Hafren stages. Jimmy McRae has entered in a Group 2 Magnum Firenza, The Crooks hoping for a bit more luck in the Manta after the strut went through the inner wing! and Peter Smith in the Ascona A will all be out to play amongst the hoards of escorts driven beyond the edge!!
  11. Yep that be Mr Ballinger still going strong with MAG after 20 odd years lol, he's on a full BTRDA campaign this year running the floating axle setup..
  12. probably be in attendance spectating been going since 2001, when the OMOC used to have a club stand!
  13. was looking good on stage 2 when I saw them, neat and tidy, shame about the strut- heavy landing on caio somewhere?
  14. Hi all anyone going to watch the first round of the RACC championship- the Red Kite based in Llandovery? going to support Simon Crook in his Ex-Cunningham 400 replica, and Pete Smith in the Ascona A- il be at crychan
  15. Hope to get to a few- dependant on when I find a new car currently don't have one! Hoping to get to a few welsh rounds hopefully red kite possibly mid wales- spectator stages were a bit lame last year wasn't gunna drive over just for 2 stages! hoping to be at : Red Kite and or Wydean, Mid Wales, Somerset, maybe Neath? Would be good to see pics you know if Paul is back out for BHRC or RACC in Ascona or Tiger? haven't seen him in a while
  16. sounds great! Jon entering RACC is he? be good to see some mantas in the forests again!! I've heard Geraint Mills may be out in his next year- do you know if Adrian Allen is planning on a comeback? also- might be worth contacting Paul Kynaston for spares etc.
  17. any more news? - don't recall seeing you on the entry for events you entering the RAC championship in 2014?- will be at the Red Kite, Mid Wales, and also the Somerset for BTRDA snapping https://www.facebook.com/chrischapmancreativemedia also worth going on the British Rally Forum for co-driver.
  18. keep us updated- would be good to see it further south in some of the BTRDA stuff
  19. Hi all this a Stage Rally/Show at Boconnoc House (big stately home) near Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Spectators and Car Clubs have been asked to bring their pride and joy for a car display on a separate field to standard spectator parking. Flying the Opel Flag will be Paul Kynaston in his genuine Ascona 400, who is on good form after the TSH at RAF Portreath where he came 6th in the trophy rally out of 42. Here's him giving it some... http://flic.kr/p/cnchkL I will be around on the day with Simon (SCP on the forum) snapping away (got press passes ) here is the event website http://www.boconnocmotorsport.co.uk/ hope to see you on July 29th

    1. fabmanta


      me too, praying for mother nature to have a happy weekend!!

  21. looks like an interesting project! will you make it billing this year with it? Im thinking not by the looks of it at the mo?
  22. making the graphics for billing t-shirts!

  23. A great days rallying with a full 150 car entry in the Minehead Brendon Hills area, Opel boys include Jon Ballinger in 'MAG' (Manta GT/E Coupe) and Theo Bengry in a genuine Ascona 400 http://www.somersetstagesrally.com/ let me know if interested.
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