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  1. I know its a bit early and no entires as of yet but this is a cracker of a rally!!! using Hafren, Sweet Lamb, Myheryn, Pikes Peak, the classic stages used by the WRC but with proper cars including Paul Kynaston, Steve Magson, Phil Collins in thier Ascona 400s, and a couple of Kaddetts and chevettes. Also look out for Geriant Mills in the Manta 400 Replica!! Me and SCP will certainly be in attendance!
  2. Hi all! just seen this car on flickr, unfortunately I havnt been blessed with seeing it in action . I know that ADZ was used by GM for the works cars and that Gerry Michaels(the jammy git!!!) owns ADZ 31 and ADZ 4330 (Heat for Hire Cars). http://www.flickr.co...N05/4108884856/ Also a friend of ours, Paul Kynaston in Exeter owns WIA 9855 (also in Heat for Hire colours) aswell as an Ascona 400. photos can be found at http://www.historicm...allyday2010.php he also has a few remanufactured Manta 400 bits including a 'works spec' manta 400 crank shaft @ £2200 ex VAT I wondered if anyone could enliten me on the history of this particualr car?
  3. Me too!! Amazon have got a good deal on the PS3 160GB for £200 + a free chart game (Dirt 3)
  4. I believe he's still running with the same shell! also seen him with the car lowered on the mini epynt stages seeded 9th! I must get them photos up!! its still registered MAG 696P. He didnt seem to be as fast as usual although it was his first gravel event of the year (apparently)
  5. Hi, went to Somerset Stages this year and was pleased to see some Opel Entries, with Jon Balinger in the Opel Manta Coupe, Geriant Mills in the 400 and Allan McDowell in the Flying Kadett! Allan Mcdowall- Opel Kadett by Chris Chapman Creative Media, on Flickr Allan Mcdowall- Opel Kadett by Chris Chapman Creative Media, on Flickr manta photos to follow...
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