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  1. @##$%&$@!$% !!!!! Im Working,,,,tut,,,
  2. hey kenny thats a braw lookin chookie,,,where did you find her?,,, thats the best colour in a b in my opinion,,,,,really top banana ,,,luv it,,,,yahhhhh
  3. that 400 one looks braw,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mmmmmmmm.ehhhhh,,,
  4. No worries dude,,,as said these things takes time,,,,and tbh sounds like there gonna be spot on when finished,,,better than a rushed effort that maybee not quite rite,,,,,,
  5. Yeah robah your efforts are apreciated deffo,,,,this has always been a pain area for plumbing the 16 v engines up,,,,this will deffo make it much easier and better looking aswell,,,looking forward to seeing how these turn oot,,,, Later dude,,,,
  6. That,s alot of cash for a car that,s not on the road as such,,,and to get it into top notch conditon will take another lump of dollars aswell,,,
  7. Hey kev,,ecellent thread mate ,,have enjoyed reading it,,,ref the b post window hinge rubber grommet thingys,,,,theyll need to come out,,,,ive got fixed rear quarter windows,,,,i took them out and fibreglass filled the two holes in each b post,,,cheers the noo
  8. Aye good show,,me n the missus enjoyed it,,,,and the sun had its hat on for the first time this year,,,,,excellent!!!
  9. Mmmmmm,,,,those last pics,,,,,mmmmmm,,,,something that was soft is now getting hard,,,,,,lol
  10. Opel2000 is the man your after,,,drop him a line,,,,
  11. Shug ive got a pair of clips there if you want them,,,there from a b tho,,,,not sure if there the same,,,find oot if they are and i will post them up to yae,,,
  12. Those hoses look well made,,,would be intrested in the xe/let bottom rad hose in one piece,,,in black,,,,,,,
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