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  1. It's a Carmine red coupe with 5 spoke aftermarket alloys and has chrome look transfers in its rear quarter windows that say something like "Opel tuning".
  2. I keep seeing this car on my way to work and wondered if it belongs to somebody on here. It looks really tidy and reminds me of my first Manta. ...Luke.
  3. We'll be at the Toby Carvery at the top of Dronfield from around 7:30-8:00ish. I might be a bit late but I will be there. See you there... Luke
  4. Hello all, I've not been on here for ages now as our computer has been playing up. We've still been having our usual meet at the Toby carvery pub in Dronfield but I couldn't list it on here. We'll be there from around 7.30 PM this Thursday evening and will continue to hold this pub meet on the first Thursday of each month. See you there... Luke.
  5. Our Sheffield area evening pub meet will be this Thursday. We'll be at the Toby carvey at the top end of Dronfield from around 7.30pm onwards. Since our last meet, we had a day out at Practical performance magazine's track day at Mallory park. Rob, Darren, Paul and myself took three cars around Mallory and had a really good day flying around. None of us had seen the track before or knew what to expect. The track suited our cars really well and nothing broke. Rob and his A.series 16V Manta were the stars of the day and he showed some really fast stuff how to go on in his 40 year old Opel! There were a couple of Citroen 2CV6 race cars that nobody could catch, A rwd Transversly mounted Cosworth powered Cinquecento, A N/A Cosworth powered Reliant Kitten, A Bike engined Seicento, A super charged Zetec'd Morris minor and a Turbo'd 205 GTI that was having a good battle with Rob's A. The day was split up into 15 minute sessions which were just enough in my opinion. We're definatly going again next year and are thinking about another day later this year ( probably at mallory again ). A bloke came up to me in the Paddock and said that it was good to see my Ascona being used properly, instead of being parked up at a show. Darren's RWD Starlet drew loads of attention too and had several people looking underneath it and trying to work out what running gear it had. All three cars looked good at the end of the day with our wheels blackened with brake dust and scuffs across our bodywork from flying chunks of rubber off peoples tyres. All our modifications like Poly bushes, quick racks, Bilsteins and big brakes came together on track and the cars all felt happy being thrown around. This Track day also highlighted how good the Manta 1800's baffled sumps are and none of use had problems with oil surge at all. See you Thursday... Luke.
  6. It looks ideal for a sleeper conversion with an XE transplant. I wouldn't even wash it. A set of 15's, a Red top and cheap set of lowering springs and off you go.This looks like a bargain to me. ...Luke.
  7. They sorted out my ATE Master cylinder and it works fine. It ended up needing sleeving, all new seals and pistons and cost £148 including delivery. It didn't come back Zinc plated, just a clean dull finish ready for painting. They swapped the union that connects the rear brakepipe to the cylinder for one with a different flare, which caused a bit of messing about and they took about 2 weeks to rebuild it. I would use them again, but save any unusual fittings before you send it away. ...Luke.
  8. Check the braided pipe from the brake servo to see if it's tight where it bolts up to the inlet manifold. Then spray brake or carb cleaner around all the injectors, the full length of the servo pipe and finally around the gasket between the manifold and head. If the revs speed up, you've found your leak. ...Luke.
  9. I'll look out for something resembling the Slagg brothers in the Boulder mobile, heading up the Dronfield bypass then! ( Google it if you don't know what I mean Paul ). See you Thursday... Luke.
  10. Hello all, Just a quick reminder about our evening pub meet at Dronfield on the outskirts of Sheffield this Thursday. Hopefully we'll start to see more of our old cars now the weather's warmed up. Paul's got his Kadett C back on the road and I think Nick's A series Manta will be out soon for the shows this summer. We've booked three places on PPC magazine's track day at Mallory Park for me, Darren and Rob on May 18th and we've all got bits and pieces to do to the cars before this. I've had problems with Master cylinders and servos last month and have had to adapt a Kadett C Servo and Cylinder on for now, until my overhauled on comes back. I've also fitted some solid rubber engine mounts to the Ascona and they're doing their best to shake the car apart. Rob's had these on his Manta A for a while now and he doesn't seem to have the rattles and squeaks that my car now has. Oh well... hopefully they'll soften up after a day at Mallory. Darren's finally decided on Zetec power for his Kadett C, after picking up a suitable Sierra CVH sump on Sunday. He's already got an engine, a spare set of Carbs another Ford ignition module and loom and just needs to make another exhaust manifold up like the one on his Starlet. He'll have a decent CIH up for sale soon with a Kent cam, Vernier pulley and about £1000 worth of rebuild reciepts, once he pulls it back out of the Kadett. See you Thursday evening? ...Luke
  11. I use Castrol B373 LSD oil. The filler is the plug in the backplate of your axle. Make sure your car is level when filling it up. ...Luke.
  12. I had a look on German Ebay but couldn't find one that had the same size mounting flange as mine. It looked like most of the Opel master cylinders on there were being sold from the UK! I'm glad somebody else has used Pastparts before. I'll wait and see what they say. I've got that trackday at Mallory in May so I need to get it done soon. Luke.
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