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  1. Hi looking for door pins for ascona B and best tool for removing old ones. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, In the process of fitting my big wing sump and I just realised that I need a pick up pipe. Do you guys or girls know where I'd pick one up. Thanks in advance.
  3. Cherona


    Hi could you tell me were I could get a four branch manifold for my ecotec and radiator to suit thanks
  4. Cherona


    Thanks for getting back to me
  5. Cherona


    Hi could you tell me were to get the seal that's around the sunroof my one is all perished
  6. Cherona

    Looking For

    Hi, Looking for Manta 1800 oil pick up pipe if anyone knows where I can find one. Thanks
  7. Spotted a bonnet and bumpers for an ascona b on ebay under the classic parts section if anyones interested. I'm all sorted there. Looking for a 1800 oil pick up pipe If anyone knows of one.
  8. Hi, Looking for advice if anyone has any to give. I have a 400 kit fitted on my Ascona but its been left in a way where the rivits are not sunk in as I'd expected. Should I remove the present rivits and replace with counter sunk ones and fill over the holes and any ideas as to what type of fillers I need to use that wont sink. Thanks Cherona
  9. Hi, Do you still have that pick up pipe for sale, If so I'd be interested.


  10. Hi, Does anyone have an 1800 bigwing sump and pickup pipe for sale. Thank you
  11. Hi, Looking for Manta 5 speed 1800 gearbox and mounts to suit box. Thanks.
  12. Hi there, you new too. Where are u with your car now. I'm starting to strip mine down. Did'nt go near her in that snow the garage would have given me frost bite. Chat soon.
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