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  1. If you are swapping to right hand drive you will need to get a smaller brake setup as that think is huge 🙂 no way you will carbs on with that on the other side!!
  2. 611

    New swan neck

    I had mine up on some trestle stands about that height. makes it so much easier to get under and do stuff and the welding is much easier. Unless you have a big garage i think a carport gives you much more room to get around the car. Im catching you up with the engine building Herman!! I used the original guide for the tensioner and i got a new banana guide from krause which was about 1mm thinner than the swag and had a bit more flex, popped the cover on easily, secured the head and then the cam wheel lined up perfect and all i needed to do was put the cam wheel bolts in and tighten them up and it pulled the cam gear straight on. So thanks to everyone for the pics, measurements and info. Im now not far off bolting the box on and getting the engine back in the car 🙂
  3. Great news, another A series 🙂 Looking forward to some pics as not seen it on eBay. If you need any A series parts links i have a few on my blog that might help. http://www.theopelproject.com/?page_id=219 I also have a few workshop manual sections on there and have the original workshop manual so if you do need any info let me know as i can easily scan any sections. Its a bit more in depth than the haynes one. Andy
  4. 611

    New swan neck

    Im with you on that Herman, got to keep pushing on and get these old cars back on the open road again, it been far too long for me 🙂 Just waiting on another banana guide and then i can finish the engine, will send you a pic when its all finished.
  5. 611

    New swan neck

    Hey Herman I really appreciate the offer of letting it go at what you paid for it, BUT your comment of lots of work to do and a truck to finish made me think that if i take this sump it will then end up being another little project to get done and i really should just crack on and get the car going again so i can just enjoy it for the summer, its been so long since i have driven it! Lets hope it still drives like i remember 🙂 Also my other project that i promised myself that i would get finished after the car is a 1969 LI 150 Lambretta that i have fully stripped and just needs prepping and painting and putting back together and that has been sat in the loft in bits for longer than the Manta has been in the garage 🙂 So i think i best resist and get car going for now 🙂 Andy
  6. 611

    New swan neck

    Herman I've not seen them on any of the build threads that i have read and yes you would notice them on the build up. Gil at Opel GT said some of them did have them, but most didnt. Probably something GM did at the start and then stopped due to cost! If you dont use the sump what would you sell it for? as i see it uses the side dipstick option (kind of what im trying to achieve with the steel one on mine :-) Andy
  7. 611

    New swan neck

    Hey Herman Good to see some pics of the engine 🙂 Does that mean you are going to try and modify it and use the GT one? Its good to see how that dipstick sits in the engine as im just trying to figure mine out and get the right oil level for it, and as usual i have gone for a slightly different setup 🙂 Also this is the squirt hole. Image taken from the Frontera Haynes manual !! Is that a 2.4 piston in the picture? It wont load the pic but click the link and it should load.
  8. Hey Herman Always best to check the oil ways. I had mine all back together previously and had oil pressure when i first fitted the engine, but then lots of messing with the injection to get it right and many months later when i did start it up again, and no oil and it took a bit to get it flowing again. I think, this and the tightness of the cam wheel was what put an end to the front cam bearing. So this is why im making sure this time that everything is as good as i can get it as i dont want to be doing this again!! It would be nice to drive the car again 🙂 And as you say, if we can fix a problem and document it for others to find then this is a good place to be, as i find so many threads on things where people say "all fixed now" and never post how they fixed it 😞 The main reason for starting my blog was to save info on all the little projects i have completed while i have been progressing through the build! Looking forward to testing out the hydraulic clutch as i think i might have that all figured out now 🙂 I hope to post some more info when i get this new banana guide and see how it compares to mine. Im taking pics and measurements for the blog post. More news in a day or two 🙂 Andy
  9. 611

    New swan neck

    Hey Herman I was always curious about those GT sumps and what they fitted? as the engine in them is the same, so what do they fit? It would have been nice to have a alloy sump to match my rocker cover 🙂 No squirt hole on mine and none on the Woosner ones but in the frontera Manuel it mentions them, another one of those Opel mysteries 🙂
  10. 611

    New swan neck

    Your suppose to be able to pull a link out of the old chain and then connect the new chain (split link that Herman has) then pull the new chain through, remove the old one and connect the new one back up. No need to removed anything from the engine!! Did one a very long time ago on a 1.9 CIH and worked great. Just for for anyone that might be looking for a chain with a removable Piper do them (https://www.tjmotorsport.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=tcop) it doesnt say that its split link on the description and when i mailed and asked if it was a closed chain they said yes but when it arrived it had the removable link 🙂 Only found this out in my quest to solve the issue im having fitting my front cover and cam wheel. So some use has come out of it!! (and i have a spare chain if i ever need to replace mine!) Herman, does that sump fit the manta? as it looks deeper than the steel one and i know the clearance on the A series cross member if very tight on the steel one?
  11. Hi Herman I have not measure the overall length of the two guides but looking at them the aftermarket is quite a bit longer so it could be the issue. Yep the block and head are both the original and the 2.4 This is where it would have been handy if we lived near by as then we could have tried each others parts out and then known exactly what caused the issue 🙂
  12. 611

    New swan neck

    Hey Herman The engine is looking good 🙂 A quick question, do your pistons have the oil squirt hole in the con rods? as mine dont but doing some reading some people seems to say that some 2.4 do have the squirt hole? Just curious. Andy
  13. Herman That's interesting. Looking at the pic you posted of the old and the new tensioner guides the new one was longer but not by much but look at mine, its a bit longer again, i wonder if its just enough to make the difference? As with the original guide i got i can get the sprocket on with just putting it up and jiggling it into place. What top (banana shape) guide did you use? I have a new one (not original) coming from /www.krause-rennsporttechnik.de so i can comapare it to the one i have as i got both guides at the same time and have nothing to directly compare it to. I now have new original GM, lower sprocket, chain, long guide and tensioner guide and as soon as i have the top guide later this week i will fit up again and see how it fits and let you know. I can only presume that a few extra mm on these aftermarket guides that i have are making the difference between it going on easily and not? Andy
  14. Hmm, that seems very thin? I think that might be too thin as the new aftermarket are 26mm. I think i need to try and get some measurements from an original unworn one. Andy
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