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  1. If you still have to strip it then you can do the bearing at the same time. you might just be able to relocate the tube back in without having to do one of those drilling and screwing options? it might just locktite back in place? its not a hard job to strip the box, will also let you check everything else over to make sure nothing else has been damaged by the pipe. just get someone to give you a had when putting it back together and take it slowly.
  2. I know they always recommended using the proper GM oil in the 5 speed. Not sure if maybe ep90 is thicker and would mask the noise? Mine was like that and i swapped the bearing (quite and easy job to do from what i remember, but that was a while ago!!) and that sorted all the problems out. did you get the pipe sorted out? Andy
  3. And you also get a little pack of Haribo's 🙂 You use to get some sort of herbal tea bag with his stuff, i say it was herbal, just guessing as it was all in German 🙂 never tried one but the Haribo's are nice!
  4. 611

    Sticky Manta

    Good luck, shes looking great 🙂 You've done a great job there mate! Andy
  5. A busy bank holiday, with a big push to get the old A Series ready for October. Lots of checking bolts are tightened up, filling up fluids, draining the old fuel and generally working from back to front to get her as finished as possible. I think we are getting there 🙂 Andy
  6. 611

    Sticky Manta

    Looking good, just takes a bit of time to get it right. last time i did mine i found by the end of it i was getting the hang of it and actually enjoying it 🙂
  7. Probably something to do with all those sockets you have plugged in at the back there 🙂
  8. Hey Herman Im already primed with the oil system, but will drain and fill with break in oil and prime again before i go. They are more engine tuners rather than a dealer https://www.northamptonmotorsport.com/ they use to supply and fit the EFI system im using and as the company had no map for an opel its just on a basic 2.0l vauxhall, so i feel it may be a fair way out. And as i would need to have it tuned by them after i got it up and running i thought i might as well take it to them, pay for an extra couple of hours and have them do a full check over before firing it up. At least i then know is going to be all setup as best it can for the initial start up and as i have a very expensive ENEM cam in it and the £220+vat for them to do the preliminary check is cheaper than a new cam :-) I have booked a morning so i hope to get it checked for setup and the ECU all correct and then get it up and running an cam run in and maybe the tracking checked. I can then bring it home, do a final check and get some running in done. That i will head back to them and have a couple of hours on the rolling road for a full tune up! I have come this far learning as much as i can but the EFI is a little beyond me and i think i now need to realise my limitations and hand it over to an expert :-) Im always telling people in my job to not do it themselves and let an expert do it, so time to do what i preach :-) I think if it was carbs i would do it myself but lots of unknowns for me with the Injection! Andy
  9. Hey Herman Those DTM cars are very nice! Love your pic with the sun set, looks very cool with all the 400's lined up. Im on the last few bits on the A series now and have taken the decision to get it to a dealer and have them do the initial start up and basic setup on the fuel injection, so 2nd October i will either have a car that runs and be very happy or be buying an engine from Risse!! Lets hope its the first one as the one i want from Risse is 10K Andy
  10. Herman, some nice cars there 🙂 I went to see some German cars at the weekend as well!
  11. Seem to be a lot of old A series ones turning up recently 🙂
  12. Sounds like it could be dash related, lot of stuff going on behind there 🙂 Would the switched have moved and maybe become lose? Mine use to work but the light on the switch would not work until i wiggled it about and pushed it in a bit and then it would all be fine!
  13. Does the Cav have the loom plugging into the back of the dash? The A series does and if i ever had the dash out to do the speedo cable it would work the socket loose and i would loose some things until it was pushed back in properly, might not be related but as you had the dash out it was just a thought? Did they work before the speedo cable change? Andy
  14. Hey Nick Welcome to the club Nice to see another A series being restored. Its well worth joining the club to get help, advice and to be able to post wanted ads and look at the for sale stuff. Im currently restoring my A series (a very long restore!) and have a blog with some links to suppliers that might help you out! www.theopelproject.com Get some pics up on the project section so we can see her :-) Andy
  15. Yep, nearly every bit i have tried to do myself and only get work done by other people if i know they are good or its something i really cant do! probably why its taken so long to finish 🙂 The cheque book restoration would have been running about 5 or more years ago 🙂
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