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  1. Had the same sort of experience with mine. Had a webcon system that had been in the cupboard for years, got it on and just running, but loads of issues so ended up with new Omex 600, hooked it up, started first time 🙂 Also the guys could remote connect and tweak it for me! Andy
  2. Any reps down in the South? Hope to have mine back on the road in the next month! (finally) and it would be nice to get a decent value for it. It needs painting but is solid and almost every part has been changed for new! Mine is quite a bit modified so i know sometimes that can affect the value of what its work as not everyone wants that type of car but to replace it would not be a cheap with the price of parts getting expensive now for the A. Any thoughts would be welcome http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=1918 Thanks Andy
  3. That's why mine is only down for 5.5K as they want me to have a valuation from the club. I did enquire a few years ago when i thought i might have had it back on the road (wishful thinking!!) and i think i needed to provide pics and full details of mods etc.. to get something. I think its something that would be good if the club could provide. I would be happy to pay a fee for it so maybe could be something to look at to help the club (if it was a paid for service) as well as helping us get all accurate valuations?? Im sure there must be lots out there undervalued? Thoughts???? Andy
  4. I was just think i bet not let the missus see that or she will have mine up on eBay 🙂 Better get mine re acceded when i have it on the road. Think they have it down as 5.5K!! Andy
  5. 611

    New swan neck

    Thanks Herman. I will have to do some googleing as never seen that type. I have seen some that look like thick wire that stick upwards and keep the pipe against the rocker cover. Andy
  6. 611

    New swan neck

    Hey Herman What are those clips that you are using off the rocker cover to hold the heater hose from?? not see ones like that before? Andy
  7. If you need any help on parts or info you can find a fair bit of info on my blog and i have the full workshop manual (not haynes!!) so if you need any info that i have not scanned just drop me a message. I also have a few odd parts left for the A on the blog and some more which im going to try and list at some point. Mostly lights, gaskets and odd bits. http://www.theopelproject.com/ Andy
  8. I have an A series so probably only the washer bottle that was the same! sorry.
  9. Is it one of these? (the image is just one i found online) as i think i have a couple knocking around in the loft if it is. Andy
  10. 611

    24v head

    They look interesting. What sort of cost for those??
  11. 611

    24v head

    What pistons are you going to go with?
  12. Check the height of it. The A engine bay is nice and wide but you dont have a great deal of height and that looks to be quite tall on top?
  13. Im sure its in the workshop manual, but im sure Herman will be along with the info before i get time to look it up 🙂 Don't forget the little locking tabs on those nuts, makes one hell of a noise if it comes lose and drops off 🙂 This is a scan from the A series workshop manual. Andy Scan 31 Aug 2020.pdf
  14. My A series originally had one fitted there. There is a little bracket for it so i presume it must be the original place for it?
  15. Hello mate long time just seen your trotte bodies and thinks that set up looks awesome could you send me some details on them and the Ecu that you are using please 

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    2. 611


      Hi Mate

      Im running the 2.4 CIH engine as well 🙂

      When i originally set mine up the options seemed to be use the original petrol tank as it is, add a swirl pot, pump the fuel into that with a low pressure pump and then run a high pressure pump for the injection.

      or use an injection tank from the B but it would need to go into the boot which i didnt want to do.

      So i used a fiat pump (i also think that SEAT use a similar one) and followed how most new cars do it and cut the top of my tank and inserted it from the top, then ran the inlet and outlet from the top.

      The Fiat has the pump sat in its own plastic swirl pot and picks up right from the bottom, so now issues with running out of fuel or the pump running dry on low fuel with the fuel surge.

      I did wonder if you could get an in-tank pump to fit in where the original outlet is but not sure how you would set it to pick up right from the bottom of the tank?

      I suppose you could use a the high pressure fuel pump, hook it up to the original fuel tank outlet (you probably need to remove the filer from the end of it or it will suck it on!) and then drill another hole and add a fitting for the run back to the tank. The only slight issue i could see is if you were on very low fuel you could run the risk of fuel starvation on the very odd occasion if you were cornering or breaking hard?

      Not sure if any of my ramblings will have helped 🙂

    3. yeti132


      thanks for all the great advice Andy because my Ascona is a i2000 she a B so I have fitted a gte fuel tank so swirl pot should all ready be in tank and hope to be able to use the injection fuel pump which I brought from from edelschmiede with a fuel filter got a dbilas water pump so thinking about getting a set of manifolds to match then get the throttle bodies and Ecu so going to start getting my finger out and get sorted got a 4 branch I had to get adapted done a dry fit and does work with a inlet manifold so will have to find out if it will fit with throttle bodies now 🤔

    4. 611


      Ahh, you should all be sorted with that then. And sounds like you are getting there with things now. If the carbs will go on with the manifold you should be fine with the throttle bodies as most are a bit slimmer than the carbs.

      Any pics of the manifold?as im just making a new one for mine.


      If you get the same ECU as me i will see if i can work out how to export the map as it should be quite close for the standard 2.4.


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