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  1. sounds like a plan. I will keep you posted on progress. Depends on how soon i get the loom in and the new injection setup. With the way the weather is at the moment it could be a while πŸ™‚
  2. Very good site, lots of nice stuff on his site and Thomas is very helpful if you have any questions. He also has a very nice Ascona B 4.0i - 24V πŸ™‚ and probably nice and easy for you to get parts from Germany! I have a few other parts links on my blog that might help out if you do need parts. Especially performance parts as Krause Racing in Germany do lots of engine parts and again very helpful but they do need the money by bank transfer. I have bought a few engine parts with no problems from the. There is also https://risse-motorsport.de/ but they are expensive!!! http://www.theopelproject.com/?page_id=219 Lots of the German A series cars use to run the straight 6 in them. Good luck with the project. Andy
  3. i'll bring mine up, that needs a paint when I've done the last few bits to get her on the roadπŸ™‚ I hope to be heading back up to Northampton in the spring to get the final tune up!!
  4. Lots of nice bits on this site if you need any as your restoring it. https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/cih-6-Cylinder_1 Andy
  5. 611

    New swan neck

    Very nice Herman. My garage is dry but cold, so not much fun working on the Manta in the winter 😞 Im hoping for some dry and slightly warmer weather over the festive period so i can get a few bit sorted on mine. Have a great Christmas Herman πŸ™‚ Andy
  6. Just had a look and it shows you the tool but does not have any dimensions 😞 lots of other tools with dimensions but not that one unfortunately. Andy
  7. Looks the same as mine Herman so i will dig out the manual tomorrow and copy it. Got work in the morning but can scan and upload after lunch. Got to use engineers blue on the both sets of gears and then check the mesh pattern to get it not too tight and not too lose. did the bearing on mine with new crush washer. Very hard work torquing it up to the required amount with the axel in the car. Got it as close as i could on mine (a bit more luck than skill i think!!) and it was ok and had no problems with it. Is it just page 04-29 that you need or shall i just scan it all? Andy
  8. Hey Herman I you can post it and i can check the workshop manual i have and if anything is in mine that has the english i can scan and post up. I have sections on my site but not the part with the tools etc.. Worth me doing it and adding to the site if its the same as you have.
  9. not quite sure what you mean? but i have an A series workshop manual and they have section on tools for various jobs with the sizes if you needed to make them. I can have a look at the diff section and see what they show if that would help? Andy
  10. just be patient when putting it back together as those three main shafts can be a little bit of a fiddle to locate back into the casing. It should just drop back on once all located, no need to force it. If you can get a spare pair of hands when putting it back together it will be a great help, but did mine on my own!
  11. This might help you out. http://www.theopelproject.com/?page_id=223 Andy
  12. 611

    New swan neck

    Im running a chevy s10 clutch from Opel GT Source, so not sure how that compares the CIH 9" as far as height etc.. i will do some double checking on clearance but it all seemed fine when i had her up to be tuned. http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=1464 Good to know the bar is ok Herman πŸ™‚ I never would have known that there was a different setup for the bigger clutch without your info and probably would just have gone on the standard setting. I will do some checking and keep a check on things when i finally get her up and running properly. good news on the 400 πŸ™‚
  13. 611

    New swan neck

    Hey Herman As mine is a hydraulic setup its quite hard to adjust as i have set all the lengths to be set for the standard setting in the book and its all set in place with loctite. What issues could i come across if i leave it set as it is? and do you know why the distance was more for the bigger clutch? Andy
  14. 611

    Alternator wiring

    Not much standard stuff left on the old A series these days πŸ™‚
  15. 611

    Alternator wiring

    Running the Omex ECU which has its own tach feed that i think i have to use their converter on for the old style in the Manta (if its the same as Escorts?) so wont be running anything direct from the coil as its a coil pack for my setup. Should have the new loom in for the ECU before Christmas to test it out if it ever stops raining!!!
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