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  1. Never seem that on the boot lid on an A series before. Might be a one off.
  2. Nice Pics, Herman. Looks like a great trip. Makes me want to head over that way with the A as soon as things are easier!!
  3. Don't forget to add the bonnet bulge for the real authentic look :-)
  4. Welcome. Interesting car! Looks like it has the TE2800 style body kit! As you are in the US Gil over at Opel GT Source will be a handy contact as they do a bit of stuff for the A series and lots of nice CIH stuff. Andy
  5. You can easily go sierra 4x4 rear calipers on the back with bmw 318 discs and i went Willwood calipers on the front of mine. www.theopelproject.com I gave up trying to find a decent manifold and made my own (not my welding, local place did it) it was not that hard once i put my mind to it, should have done it years ago! 🙂 Facet Fuel Pump if on carbs. Andy
  6. Never seen an A with it on the door pillar!! But as 1900SR says the chassis number should be on the scuttle panel. Be interested to see if it is.
  7. Yep it certainly is! wonder why its not there any more??
  8. Don't forget you will also need different inlets manifolds for the 2.2/2.4 if you are doing anything carb of throttle body wise as the inlets are raised up on these heads. and modified thermostat housing.
  9. I have an A series and i have the ECU stuck to the back of the glove box as its in the right place to pick up a feed and easy for all the wiring to go out in a similar place to the standard loom. When i had all the wiring out i added one of these to give me a few extra feeds. https://www.autoelectricalpartsuk.co.uk/4way-continental-type-fuse-box-023400 I have it stuck next to the standard fuse box on the bottom of the battery box. Andy
  10. Similar setup to you Andy. But standard pistons and Enem cam with Webcon 45 throttle bodies. Probably would have gone the Wossner route if i was buying pistons now but when i got mine they were quite cheap as it was so long ago! 🙂
  11. I found the Omex really easy to setup and the support guys are really helpful.
  12. Enem Cams are nice. I have found it much better than the Kent one i had in my 2.1 https://enem.se/ib.asp and the Omex 600 is pretty good if you are going engine management. Andy
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