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  1. 611

    New swan neck

    Looking good Herman. Its all starting to come together, you will be back on the road soon 🙂 A bit wet over here to be able to do much on mine at the moment. Andy
  2. 611

    Alternator wiring

    So this is the back of the alternator. so is it B+ (larger of the two bolts) the positive, D+ (the smaller one) the dashboard light and then use one of those bare studs for the earth strap? not sure what that plus and W spade terminals are for? Andy
  3. Always hard to know what to go for when there is not that much info out there. Lots for other cars but all a little scarce for the old Opels 🙂
  4. Looking good and as you say good to have some info for others who are thinking of running it. Got my Omex and will be writing that up on my blog in case anyone is interested in that system. Andy
  5. If that's the same as the Monza one that's a good price. Andy
  6. 611

    Alternator wiring

    Thanks for the info, im going to pull it off and check terminals at the weekend as its hard to see the connectors properly with it on the car. Andy
  7. I have a full workshop manual and i have scanned a few sections and they are on my blog. happy to scan any other sections you need from it or the haynes one if needed. http://www.theopelproject.com/?page_id=223 Just PM me. Andy
  8. 611

    Alternator wiring

    thanks. I have a little earth strap laying around in my box of bits that looks like it could be the right one. just need to wok out the terminals on the back now! Andy
  9. Hi Guys Just a quick wiring question. Should the alternator have a earth strap to the block on the A series? I have an aftermarket one where the regulator is built in (so no little silver box on its own) and i wasn't too sure if it should have an earth strap? I suppose it would be more like the setup from a B series. I can take a pic of the back if that helps? Andy
  10. Ian, your thread has solved one of life's mysteries for me! When going through my spare pats i came across a packet from Thomas with a very small O ring it it and never could figure where it came from and now looking at your pack from the speedo drive i must have only used the outer one!! so your thread is useful and before i hook the cable i should swap out the old O ring for that nice new one!!
  11. From their site. The ECU can use an input of narrowband or wideband (with external adaptor) lambda to make constant trims to the fuelling for best emissions and fuel economy without affecting ultimate power. according to Troy at Northampton Motorsport is suppose to be very easy to setup and he said they can do screen sharing to show you setup and help you with the mapping if you get it from them. Did me a good deal as i had the car setup there and will be going back for final tune. Andy
  12. Omex and loom turned up today, well happy as i can now crack on with it, but a little bit poorer! :-) So the plan, mount the ECU under the glovebox, hole through the bulk head and then start to run the loom to the various connectors, but this time i can get it just as i want it and wrapped up along with the engine bay loom. I had to buy new water temp and air temp stats to go with the Omex as they said it was best to be on the safe side so i knew the Omex as reading them correctly. Im ok with the current lambada sensor. I will take pics and write up as much as i can as i go along and add to my blog. i will also pop on links for any pats i buy for it as its always helpful for people to know where to get bits. Will need a bulkhead gromet so will measure loom and work out the best size. Andy
  13. Hey Herman After a failed attempt with the Webcon Alpha system on my A series im fitting the Omex 600 ECU. Looks very good and you can buy a bare loom and fit just the connectors you need to it so no extra wires in the engine bay and you can get the loom nice and tidy, runs all the stuff you mention and they have some good install info on their site. im told its based on the Gems architecture so can be tuned by most places. I should have mine in the next day or two so i will be adding all the info to my blog as i go along, so it might be of interest to you 🙂 Andy
  14. 611

    New swan neck

    Thanks for the pic Herman. think i can make one of those up, much easier than trying to do it with a tape measure!! Andy
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