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  1. Im with you on that one for the centre part, but think it would look nice to keep the contrast and have plain sides if you can find something to match. All looking very nice 🙂 Andy
  2. Worth getting the pre MOT check, that's the plan for my A series when i finally get it back on the road! The last time i had mine on the road (a long time ago now!) i had it all sorted put it in for the MOT, when i went to collect it the guy said, "it passed" but you had forgot to tighten up the front caliper bolts!!! so well worth the check for piece of mind 🙂 And the paint job is looking damn good. Some body shops dont turn it out that good. Had mine painted at a vauxhall dealer once after someone hit the front, (insurance claim) and when i got it home and checked it, it had all runs on the lower front valance!! Painted mine before in the garage and its hard work, and glad you are not put off by a couple of little runs, its starting to look very good with everything back on it. Wish mine looked 50% as good as that 🙂
  3. Nice one, well done. Will be there next year in my A series, but probably wont be up to the level of yours 🙂
  4. Malcolm You are a star, just what i needed. Looking at your pic and description i then new exactly where mine went 🙂 Mine is not exactly original! Its going to look quite original from the outside (apart from wheels and lights) but underneath its a little bit tweaked 🙂 www.theopelproject.com I bought a set of silicon hoses from JS performance and although they didnt do the A series heating hoses i got a set of Lotus Cortina ones which were very close you can see a pic here: http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=583 This was a while ago so they might do something now, worth dropping them a line or giving them a call, they were very helpful with mine. Now i have worked out the hoses i just need to connect a few other bits up on mine and i wont be far of getting here started up! Thanks for the help. Andy
  5. Hi Guys Anyone got a pic of the A series engine bay that shows the routing of the heater pipes coming from the heater matrix? Its been so long since i first put mine together i now cant remember where the one from the top of the water pump routes to? is it the one into the matrix that has the heater tap? I would presume that it comes from the water pump into the heater matrix through the heater valve, through the matrix, and out and back into the thermostat housing? or is it the other way round? Want to make sure i get it right as im using the gates hose clamps and they have to be cut off if you need to remove them so dont want to be doing that!! Thanks Andy
  6. Hey Herman, thanks for the pic now i know the one i have is wrong 🙂 Not sure if im going to have any luck finding one so i might have to modify mine, i dont suppose you have access to the A series one to compare height etc.. between the two so i can modify mine? From the pics the longer side (right to left on the A and left to right on the look similar, so i might be able to get away with cutting and dropping the other side. Andy
  7. looks like i might need one of these if anyone has one laying around? Thanks Andy
  8. Obviously looks like it could be an issue but not seen anyone having issues with it before. It looks to be in there pretty solid so not sure what would cause it to come lose. It looks pressed in there. The BMW used the same 240getrag so might be worth a bit of a search to see if any BMW forums have much on there about it coming lose before you start drilling holes in the casing!!
  9. Hey Herman Thanks for the pic, looks like i need one of the original A series ones then! Time to put a wanted post up 🙂 and i will have a spare B series one for sale!! I think the extra holes are from the modification to take that gearbox mount that Thomas and Splendid parts sell as the bolts locate further out. Thanks for clearing this up as it has been puzzling me 🙂 Andy
  10. Hi Guys Just putting the gearbox support back in and im not sure the one i have is correct for the a series? When i bolt it up to the two mounting points it does not sit level and it looks like the offset is too much? Any one know if maybe i have one for a B that might be different to the A setup? Pics or links would be great as finding it hard to work it out from the odd pic i can find for the 5 speed conversion kits. this is what mine looks like, same as Hermans but he has a B series?? Thanks Andy
  11. ok, got some pics for you. The pics that manta mal has (the German ones) are with the back end of the box with all internals removed as the pipe locates (looking into the box with the shifter on top) to the left and right into the casing. So you might have fun relocating the pipe with the box complete and just the front casing off. I have loaded a whole lot of pics on my blog as i have the back part of a box as a spare. Its quite hard to see from the pics as its hard to photograph, i used a torch so hopefully you get the idea. http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=1779 Its quite easy to strip the box down, had mine apart a few times and the only hard bit is when you locate the bell housing back on its a real fiddle to locate the 3 selector shafts (top right) back into the box locations and helps if there are 2 of you and you just take your time, dont force it and jiggle them back in. You can see the holes they locate in from this pic (top left on the view as you look in. if you need some more pics let me know as i might be able to remove the gears and get a better look at it from inside. Andy
  12. 611

    Steady does it!

    Direct induction 🙂
  13. 611

    Steady does it!

    Back on the ground 🙂 Now i have some work to do getting it all connected back up again!!
  14. Looks like someone has come across this before https://www.opelgt.com/forums/clutch-transmission-drive-train-upgrades/79681-getrag-240-parts-important.html I have a spare bock part of a 240 box in the garage and can have a look tomorrow and see if that bits still in it and where it goes if that helps? Andy
  15. 611

    Steady does it!

    That's not that long Herman!! But it looks like you are making good progress. You are right about that sway bar, its is a pain. See a V8 A Series with that conversion. The weather was good to me so i managed to get a few bits sorted out tonight so hopefully at the weekend i can drop the body and start attaching things up. More pics as i go along!
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