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  1. Hey Herman Any little tip that helps to make the old CIH a bit better is always worth sharing 🙂 Not sure if i put this on my blog, if not i must add it! Andy
  2. A set of these and an Omex ECU and i bet you could get some nice power out of the 2.7 🙂
  3. Its a shame as an alloy sump would be nice on the A 🙂
  4. Not sure if that will fit the A! Andy
  5. Yep, you can see them on this pic without the gasket on.
  6. Also as well as the oil raiser a handy tip for the 2.4 from the Opel GT guys. Adding extra holes to the head gasket to help cooling on number 2 and 3 cylinders as the old 2.4 suffers from not enough flow around those 2 cylinders. Andy
  7. 611

    Mike's Manta.

    Looking very nice indeed 🙂 You should get some of that clear film to protect the paint work, will make it much easier to get the bugs off 🙂
  8. I know what you mean. I had a bare loom for my Omex and although they give you a diagram they are never totally helpful and im sure they like to leave it so there is a little bit of guess work needed 🙂
  9. You've got far more patience then me 🙂 It was enough work for me to swap over and wrap up the loom on mine for the Omex! Be good to see it when you have it all up and running. Andy
  10. 611

    Getrag help

    All been spot on. Much quicker shift as well 🙂 As mine is an A series i used the bottom part of the original shifter, cut it off and grafted on the top half of the standard A series stick (obviously loosing the reverse pull wire) so it fits and looks just as it did with the old 4 speed in. Got a 5 speed knob from Opel GT source in the US so it looks original but had the correct selector pattern on. 🙂
  11. 611

    Getrag help

    Yep, did it to my Getrag so the gearstick is in the correct place for the A series console. You also need to shortedn the selector rod.
  12. never had any issues with the cork on the tin ones but could never get the GT one to seal on the cork, but spot on with the rubber one. Tin one might be fine wit a bit of sealer as you say.
  13. 611

    New swan neck

    Nice work Herman. Ready for some Opeling 🙂 Andy
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