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  1. 611

    New swan neck

    The heat shield looks good Herman 🙂
  2. 611

    New swan neck

    The GM one looks interesting 🙂
  3. 611

    New swan neck

    Where does the heat shield come from?
  4. 611

    New swan neck

    Hi Herman, no Hybride car, why do you ask?
  5. 611

    New swan neck

    Hey Herman Im using one of those starters one mine 🙂 had it on for a long time and it does turn the old motor over much quicker.
  6. Quite a big job if you are going to put a v8 in the A series as you have a fair bit of front suspension work to do to get it in. A few pics on Paul's A with the V8 in
  7. 611

    I240r build

    A little remote master cylinder reservoir here for you Herman 🙂
  8. Hey, great to see another A series owner on here 🙂 where are you located? Lots of parts links on here that might help. www.theopelproject.com Andy
  9. Wipers look the same setup and the motor is on the same side! Might be worth getting a few bits off the yellow one if its being cut up? I think the steering column mount, pedal box mount and the clutch cable mount are the bits you would want if you did think of doing it later.
  10. Its ok, your forgiven for not ever having an A 🙂 mind you i have never had a B 🙂 Thinking back on when i had mine all stripped out for the engine bay respray (a good few years ago now) i think its mostly going to be setting up all the mounting points for the steering, brakes and clutch cable. not sure if they would have any reference points in the panel from the original stamping? if you look at the bulk head both sides are very similar.
  11. I wondered if the loom was shorter inside on the LHD as the dials would all be that side? and on the RHD its all a bit further over. The loom to the back runs down the left side with a connector in the boot so a RHD loom should fit the LHD. Not sure if the changed the wipers over? looks the same setup with motor etc.. I think the main things would be the pedal box and steering column mounts and then sorting the servo and clutch location. I dont think you would need to modify the bulk head? not seen them side buy side to compare. How much easier life would have been if the head didn't have inlet and exhaust on the same side
  12. Hi Mark Im not sure if anyone has every posted a thread on doing a conversion from left to right hand drive? I might be wrong and im sure someone will be able to let you know if there is one. I would say the main things you will need for the conversion would be: Dash, steering rack, maybe steering column, pedal box, maybe wiring loom, lights and a bit of working out re positioning of the brake servo, pedal box, clutch cable etc.. and i think that should be about it. i cant think what else you would need to do. should be a relativity easy conversion. The hard bit will be finding all the parts in good condition. Something i always wondered about doing if you could get a good left hand shell. Be interesting to see if i have missed anything 🙂 Andy
  13. My Missus never thinks me working on the A series is a good use of my time and she only asks "when will it be finised?" cause then you can sell it and we can spend the money one something useful!! we had the old It's me or the car conversation a few times, but she's still here 😉 Looks like a nice little project!
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