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  1. Did them years ago and remember the back being easy but the front a bit trickier on my own! I always wondered if they sealed them from the factory or just left the rubber to do its job?
  2. Thanks, mate. Thanks for that. That is nice and cheap as well 🙂 i will get a couple of tubes ordered. Let me know when your free to help fit the screens 🙂 Andy
  3. Thanks, mate, i really appreciate it. I would like to use the proper stuff if i could. Not fussed if i have to order it as i have a bit to keep my busy before i get onto the windows 🙂 Andy
  4. Looking very nice. You got a link to the window sealant as i need to fit my windows in a week or so and wasn't too sure what was the best stuff to use as it was a while ago i last fitted them!!
  5. A bit of a turn up for the books today. As the weather was so nice today i thought it would be good to get the doors back on the car (which is not an easy job on the own) so i asked the Missus if she would help, and she did!! Which is amazing as she does not love the car and never normally helps even if i ask nicely!! Wings going back on Tuesday and that's all the panels fitted, so time to then fit the windows and get polishing! More pics to follow, especially on the polishing process! Andy
  6. The sun lounge worked great as a spray booth 🙂 Its getting rebuilt now i finished the car! If i had the facilities or space to create some i would love to do more painting as i really enjoyed it and learnt a whole load in the process. I wasn't as keen on all the sanding 🙂 i have the Lambretta to paint next and with all i have learnt doing the Opel i hope its going to come out even better.
  7. Its starting to come together now 🙂 Everything all painted, just got to put everything back on carefully now 🙂
  8. What are you doing with the front suspension to get the engine and box in? Andy
  9. WOW, 75 euros, i should have bought a whole bunch of them at the time!!
  10. That is the back of the fog light switch and pushes in from behind the cluster with the front fitting in "from the front!" If you don't have a front i might have one in my box of bits in the loft. I dont have a fog light so only have the wiper one on mine 🙂
  11. I have the top indicator part kicking around. Not sure on condition etc.. but can dig it out of the loft tomorrow and take some pics.
  12. Thanks for the link. I knew they were changing, i will do some reading up! Andy
  13. The white one looks like the wiper motor. and the black one in the footwell is either the rear heater or fog light. You will see them to the left and right of the dials on the dash. Left is rear window heater and righ tfog light or they are sometimes blanked off if not used. This also might help you out!! https://www.theopelproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Opel-Manta-A-Series-Wiring-Diagram.pdf Also washer pump does not look like original Opel one? Andy
  14. I need to get some new number plates for the car as there is no way i can put the old ones back on!! And i quite fancy getting something with a bit of Opel branding on them, anyone got any recommendations? Andy
  15. If your going to fit the later one like Moodoo has in the pic further up the part number is. (which i would recommend) Steering Column Bottom Bearing – 90023940
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