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  1. They look like the ones i took out about 15 years ago 🙂 They are nice, similar sort of style. i looked at a few like that with slots but they were all a bit high, so i thought ones with head rests would let me still run the harnesses but look a bit more of a similar style that would fit with the look of the A. Ordered the Cobra's today, so when they arrive (8 weeks!) and i have them fitted i will post a pic of them. Andy
  2. They do a bit, but the recaro LS seems a touch more expensive!!
  3. Hi All I currently have these Cobra Daytona seats in the A series and although they are super comfy i feel they just look too big in the car and just dont fit the feel of the car now i have it back on the road. So im thinking of putting a set of these in instead, thoughts?? I know they don't have the harness slots (which was the original reason for getting the Daytona's) but a lot of the old ford guys just seem to pop them through under the head rest. What do you all think?? Andy
  4. A good time to get that done, should be ready for when we are allowed to get out an about! What Box does yours have? Give me a shout when you are all back up and running and we can plan a little drive out and stop somewhere for a coffee and catch-up! Andy
  5. That is indeed catlepoint! But i parked in the new bit so hopefully that's safer than it was before 🙂 We will have to see if we can have a little Opel meet up later in the year if we are allowed too!! Andy
  6. Luckily the Missus has some DIY planned in for me for the bad weather! so got to make as much of the nice weather and getting the Manta out as i can 🙂
  7. Finally on the road with most of the snags sorted out. Time to enjoy some driving in the nice weather. 2nd day out in a row!! Bodywork next!!
  8. I will dig out the workshop manual and get all the info for the diff tomorrow. Trying to get mine all sorted so i can do some driving when lockdown ends, this nice weather is helping a bit more with the motivation 🙂
  9. Looks like the one and these guys in Germany sell them and they look the same https://www.krause-rennsporttechnik.de/shop/en/Chassis/Rear-Axle/Clamping-ring-for-bevel-gear-CIH?source=2&refertype=1&referid=107 Fun getting it up to the right torque to crush it!! Big bar needed and have your weetabix before you start!! If you dont have the info let me know as its in the workshop manual so i can look it up. Andy
  10. Easy enough to refurb. Got a whole lot of bits to do mine from Opel GT Source http://www.theopelproject.com/steering-rack-reconditioning/ I also have a NOS rubber boot (only 1 unfortunately) if you do need one.
  11. At least the centre bearing is reasonably easy to change and would be worth doing anyway and will help to track it down to where it is coming from. Worth checking the condition of the centre bearing rubber as well.
  12. For limited slip diff you need the diff oil and then the limited slip diff additive. Is it the standard diff (factory fitted) or aftermarket? if factory i might have the part number for the GM stuff. Andy
  13. Without trying to find the invoice the ECU was about £600 and the loom £60. The bare loom is cheaper and much better as its just the bare wires and you can just use what you want and set it to the right length for your particular setup. I got mine from Northampton Motorsport as that i where i had the car mapped and they knew their stuff with the Omex setup. I had a Webcon one before but had lots of issues so when i had it setup they took of the Webcon and popped their Omex on mine, did the initial setup, i then took the car home and setup the bare loom and got it all working and they dialled in remotely when i first fired it up to check all was ok and tweak it slightly to make sure it was spot on and running fine. When we are out of lockdown and i have the car run in and we can travel again, its back up for the final full power run. The Omex was so easy to setup and the Omex support guys are brilliant if you need any technical help. I had a lot of the stuff from the old Webcon and didn't want to buy stuff if i didnt need it so called them and the only sensor that they said i needed to buy was the air temp as the webcon would not work but and an adaptor to get the old rev counter to work, all the other stuff (water temp, trigger sensor etc..) were fine to use, so minimal cost needed for the setup. The Omex interface is pretty easy to use and you can just download it from there site and run it up on the laptop. Northampton motorsport has a few base maps to get it going if i could not get up to them but luckily for me it was just before the first lockdown and when i started it the guy dialled in from home to check it over before starting. Andy
  14. Got the Omex 600 on mine. Super easy to setup and used the bare loom as it was cheaper and i could use just what i wanted on it. Nice an easy to do and in the general scheme of things not that expensive.
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