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  1. 611

    "400" repair

    We all love engine pictures Herman ๐Ÿ™‚ Its quite interesting to see the difference between the 2.4 and 400 parts. If you dont have any luck with the pistons it might be worth signing up to the Opel GT forum to see if they have any sources for pistons as it might be that if you could the broken piston to someone that they could make a set as they guys over there seems to talk quite a bit about having sets made? And they put 2 extra holes in the 2.4 gasket to help cooling around pistons 2 and 3 so a similar idea to the 400. Andy
  2. Good to hear. Still trying to run mine in but its not easy with the old lockdown! Trying to use mine as much as i can this year (apart from when they have been gritting!) roll on the spring and maybe a bit more freedom for some Manta motoring ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Hey Fin My memory was not too far off! Now i see your other pic was of the old bush not the but further up where is collapsible. I think the column is the same (or very similar) on A and B and i think it was more an upgrade on the B for the bearing one as the old felt ones dont last that long. Never used anything to retain mine, the push fit seems fine, been on there for years with no issues. Never realised they had a boot on the!! is it big enough to fit right over the end of the column? Andy
  4. Hey Fin Thanks for the offer but i ordered some last year from Dr Manta last year. I ordered a few bits from Germany just in case we came out of Brexit with a no deal and it would cost more later on!! Andy
  5. Hey Fin I will reply to your message in a bit. The bearing is the lower one in the engine bay, think they were from the B series as the A was one that had felt and not ball bearings. I replaced mine with one the same. I would need to check mine to see if i took the square bit off as i did think it located into the base of the steering column end, but it was a while ago that i did it! The rubber bit looks like the boot on the steering rack where it comes out of the rack to go up to the column (see image link) i have removed the damper on mine as have a damper in the Borgeson UJ. the steering rack has a couple of spring clips to hold bits in so could those blue ones be from that? http://www.theopelproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/IMG_20180829_1948514.jpg The other pic looks like the collapsible part of the inner column? they have to plastic plugs that brake so the column collapses rather than harpoon you! Andy
  6. Hi Andy thanks for the reply,ย  yes please, just the two if you can spare them. Thanks.ย 

    1. 611


      Hi Paul

      I will have a rummage in the loft and see what i can find and will let you know.



  7. Argh, bugger. Never mind, you can only hold on to so much stuff for so long. Thanks for taking the time to look. Andy
  8. Hey Paul Did you sort out the rocker studs? if not let me know as i replaced some in a 2.4 head (which should be the same as the 2.0) and the spares might be in the loft, so i can have a look at the weekend if you are still in need of some? Andy
  9. 611

    "400" repair

    Hey Herman That sounds like a lot of hard work for the Physio, i hope it all goes in the right direction and you are ready for that spring run ๐Ÿ™‚ I had planned for a lockdown so i have a few projects planned to keep me busy in these winter months, i just need a bit of warmer weather to get on with the car. The vaccination does seem to be stepping up over here but there is a long way to go. Keep the pictures coming of the engine build as its quite interesting to see the difference in the engine.
  10. 611

    "400" repair

    Nice work Herman At least you are keeping nice and busy in these times when we cant go very far. I did start removing my heater box to swap it with a better one just before Christmas when the weather was quite nice but its been far too cold to finish it. Hoping it warms up next week here as i have plenty of time for the next couple of months -)
  11. Brilliant. I will have it anyway as im sure something can be done to it to sort it out. Thanks Andy
  12. Hey Jess That would be great. Just let me know when you have had time to get a pic and what the postage is. The donation is a great idea. I had a few small jobs i did last year that weren't worth invoicing, so i got my clients to make donations, think its a nice thing in current circumstances. I will make a donation to bristol zoo as its my daughters favourite place to visit when we go to Bristol. Andy
  13. Hey Jess That could be good. What would you want for it? and how big is the crack, is it just a split or is there a piece missing? Andy
  14. Hi Guys Im trying to find an A series heater housing/motor cover, anyone got a spare? not fussed on condition. Ideally a good one but thinking it might be some that could be printed if only a rough one is available. See pic attached for the part im after. Thanks Andy
  15. Went for the simple option!! Discs straight on, standard handbrake cable hooks straight up to those callipers and they seem to stop ok (Need it now with the motor in!!) ๐Ÿ™‚
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