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  1. After changing a few bits on the dashboard to try and fix the temp gauge i thought i would run down to tesco and get some fuel but after filling up i thought maybe i should go just a little further just to check things out, 5 miles later!! All the gauges now work but i have got a few bits to sort out. Front caliper rubbing, still need to sort the exhaust as its knocking quite a lot (but i have a cunning plan for this!) and i noticed that i have missed the split pins from the tie rod end ball joints!!
  2. I always found that if i took the old bearing up to a local bearing suppliers they could usually find exactly the same bearing for a fraction on the price, might be harder with that one (and a little harder with lockdown) but might be an option if they are getting hard to get the original GM ones (which are usually made for them by someone else any way!) just a thought. Andy
  4. Rebuilt my getrag a while ago and came across a link to the exploded view of the box and have it here, http://www.theopelproject.com/?page_id=223 not sure on the bearing number, but there should be some German sites out there where you can cross ref the number. The BMW's used the same box with different bell housing. make sure you replace the rear seal as well. Andy
  5. Looks nice 🙂 And you are in the right place for Opel help and support! Andy
  6. Im looking forward to later in the year when i can hopefully get to the odd car show or two 🙂
  7. 611

    2.4 cih head

    Nice bit of info there 🙂 Yep the inlets sit much higher up, you also have a different thermostat housing on the 2.4 and cant fit the 2.0l to it (i have gaskets if you do need one as had to buy 10!!) and if you did have the injection on you might have an issue, carbs or throttle bodies no problem 🙂 You can see how they sit up higher in the image below and the smaller thermostat inlet http://www.theopelproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/IMG_20170826_092630-1140x660.jpg
  8. Sent mine off today, the guy in the post office had to change the classification to historic! to get it zero tax, now i juat need to wait for them to update it. Just paid the insurance so i should be on the road very soon. I was thinking that i should get an MOT check, just to make sure all is ok as lots of it was fitted years ago and you forget what you torqued up and what you though you would do later. I think i will then just have an MOT check when i think i need it. Time to get cracking on the bodywork now while the weather is still nice :--) Its going to see strange not having things to fix/fit on the car now. Think i might have to start on the 1967 Lambretta i have in the loft in bits that i have been meaning to get working on. That should be a quicker restoration as you can buy all the bits off of the shelf 🙂 Andy
  9. 611

    2.4 cih head

    Maybe its down to the compression using the 2.4 head on a 2.0l block. Cheapest way i think to build a good CIH is to bore out the old 2.0l block as far as you can. Get the 2.0l head fully ported and some big valves fitted (which will take car of the unleaded) and then get a nice cam for it ENEM.SE do some nice one! The 2.4 is a costly affair (as i know!) and a pain and the car would have been back on the road years ago if i had stuck to the 2.0l I had a 2.0l, big valve head, twin carbs, in mine before this and it went pretty good, probably about a 2.1l, about 150bhp ish. I had a mate who had his bored out as far as he could (maybe 2.3?) big valve head, very hairy cam, it was in an early B series and that went pretty quick for a CIH and the bits should be cheaper for the standard engine. Pistons from the USA seemed to be relatively cheap. Just a few ideas
  10. Hey Paul Even back in those days the old Turbo was a rare car! I know there use to be one this way but didnt know it still existed. We will have to find a car meet to go to when this is over as we will be able to go in force!! Mine has been a very slow restoration, with work, moving and as you say kids! getting in the way! and the fact a bought a motor bike years ago and it was more fun to take that out on a sunny day rather than being stuck under the Manta 🙂 I have a bit of running in to do and a few niggles to sort out and my parents live in Ferndown so you never know you might see me out and about near you, as soon i have sorted out the tax and MOT. Im off to send in all my details tomorrow to register for free tax and no MOT so should be on the road soon. Be nice to be able to see yours as its been a while since i have seen one. and as you say a Manta is always an ongoing project!! Hope we can catch up soon. Andy
  11. Hey Paul And i thought i was the only one in Bournemouth with an A series, a small world 🙂 Where in Bournemouth are you? im over near Iford. Have you got a Turbo?? Be interesting to see how mine goes compared to the Turbo if you do have one!! Im just sorting out the tax and MOT and then i should be on the road and hopefully if i get her run in over the next few months, when this is over maybe we can arrange a meet up? I plan on going out what ever the weather and make the most of driving the A as it has been far too long off the road. Andy
  12. Thanks, Herman. You know its the right side, every one else is on the wrong side 🙂 I plan to get started in a week or two as hopefully i might be able to get some paint some time soon. I managed to get to primer before lockdown so at least i can do some prep on it. The engine was worth all the hassle, as it feels like its going to be pretty nippy!!
  13. Thanks, Mike It does make it all worth while and the first set of lights i pulled up at a guy waiting to cross shouted over, Love the car! so makes it even better when you have something that people dont see every day on the road. Got to get cracking on the bodywork now just in case there are some shows on at the end of the year!!
  14. Thanks for the info, a little job for the bank holiday 🙂
  15. Got a bit of bodywork to sort out over the summer when i can get some paint 🙂
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