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  1. Not sure if this one will fit the A https://www.krause-rennsporttechnik.de/shop/Bremsen/Handbremsseile/Bremsen/Handbremsseile/Handbremsseil-MantaAscona-B?source=2&refertype=1&referid=145 Andy
  2. Very nice Herman. Great to see them all together 🙂 Andy
  3. Fin, i think there might be the main bit that goes the full length and then a bit that sits over the top where shug has indicated and then the bit under the back window (bottom of the window) I think i have a spare one of the main bit but need to check which side. I can do that tomorrow i think. Andy
  4. Very nice. Im looking forward to getting my A back on the road this year and plan to head out to Germany later in the year so i will look out for some 400's Andy
  5. Just thought i would share this in case anyone else was looking to solve the problem where and what to do if you have to remove the original water bottle. I have been scratching my head as the best option and came across a thread on an MX5 site, where they were relocating their washer bottle and nicked their idea. You can see a bit more info on my blog. http://www.theopelproject.com/ Andy
  6. Im not sure on the flywheel and clutch setup on the auto. I will have to do a bit of reading up. Found this place when i was looking for some wood look vinyl for another project. I dont have the fabric interior so not had the problem as they are different. https://www.vinylwarehouse.co.uk/medium-walnut-fablon-handypack-346-8070-67cm-x-2m-740-p.asp Andy
  7. Not driven an auto A so not sure what its like but the 4 speed was not great on the top end compared to the 5 speed, so much nicer to drive, but as you say if you are in no rush then the auto is probably the best option. The 5 speed is a getrag 240 which was also used in the old BMW's (although the bell housing was different) so im not sure if there are any options that might be workable using a BMW one if they did a 4 speed auto. If you went the 5 speed route in yours you dont have to touch anything on the car to fit it, its the gear stick mount on the 5 speed that needs to be altered, nothing to cut or change on the car.. I even had an A series gear stick modified to fit the 5 speed (instead of using the B series one) so from the inside it looks totally standard as no need to move or modify the centre console. I suppose it depend on the type of driving your are doing and how often. Andy
  8. 5 speed manual from the B series. You have to buy a linkage adaptor for the gear stick (or adapt it yourself) and then you can take the old auto out and pop in a nice 5 speed 🙂 Here is a pic of one. http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=633 Andy
  9. Looks nice 🙂 If its an auto then its perfect for the 5 speed conversion as the auto prop is the right length for a 5 speed upgrade! so much better to drive as well 🙂 Andy
  10. Anyone not too far from Bournemouth or travel this way that has a CIH block that they are going to bin? No fussed on condition as only using it for a test fit. Thanks Andy
  11. If it was just a bottom end that you wanted to bin i would take it, but as its a complete engine its going to cost me £100 all in and all i will do is pull it apart to use the block as a measure and then probably end up binning most of it after that, so it seems a shame to do that to a complete engine and i have a lot of other stuff i could spend the £100 on at the moment as im now not far from the end 🙂 but i appreciate the offer.
  12. Sounds like he wants rid of the whole lot in one go. I did hope he might have an old engine as he is just down the road!
  13. Found these pics of brochures and it looks like the GTE had similar ones on.
  14. Looks like he has lots of spare as well by the sound of the advert! Just up the road from me so i might have to pop over and take a look. Andy
  15. Just thought i would update this thread in case anyone stumbles across it, as i hate it when you find a thread and no one puts on it how it was resolved! I found these and they fit perfect on the A series. https://www.brickwerks.co.uk/half-nut-m14-x1-5-bzp.html Andy
  16. I dont think they were ever fitted the the A series (although people do and they dont look to bad) i think it was just the style in 1900SR's link. Andy
  17. Looking nice. Are you going all chrome with the trim? as i think that will look nice if you are. I have some spare chrome bits if you are stuck for bits. Andy
  18. That's the one 🙂 I have one which looks like it should be right so i will give it a measure and see if its the same size and then i should be able to get a couple of new ones. Thanks for all the help. Amazing, thanks for all the help, looks like it its the same on the A but will check the one i have to make sure and order a couple, thanks for the links 🙂
  19. That shows the one 🙂 Its the one between the tie rod end and the end of the steering rack universal joint. I dont suppose you know the size or part number? Andy
  20. Yep, slim nut . The ones that wind up and lock the track rod where it comes out of the steering rack. Think i might have found one, but need to take the track rod out to see if it is the right one. If it is im just after the one! Not sure on the B, the A has the castle nut on the ball joint but a slim nut to lock the trackrod arm after you have adjusted it out from the rack.
  21. Thanks 🙂 Took a little bit to get them sorted and working but im well happy with them now. I will post a pic when all the trim is back on as that finishes them off nicely.
  22. Yep its on the blog or you can see it here. I couldn't upload it to the post as it was too large a file. http://www.theopelproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/MOV_20190106_1611279_2.mp4 They are BMW 3 series E30, I got them from a place called Ultimate Styling, not sure if they still exist. I think it was through eBay. A bit more info on the setup on these links if you want to do a bit more reading. http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=1106 http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=1089 http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=1084 Andy
  23. Looking very nice 🙂 Gives me even more motivation to get mine on the road as soon as i can!
  24. Anyone know where you can get the track rod end locking nuts for the A series or the size so i can track some down? As im unable to locate the safe place i put mine in 🙂 I found these but im not sure if the size is correct for the A? https://www.roughtrax4x4.com/track-rod-end-lock-nut.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxYGylr3b3wIVw4TVCh1J-wxvEAYYASABEgKkkfD_BwE Thanks Andy
  25. Glad you like them. Now i just need to get them all aligned properly 🙂
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